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Monday, January 17, 2011

Anime Review - Togainu no Chi

Well for my first review of the year I thought I would go with an anime I watched last year Togainu no Chi. Togainu no Chi is based of the BL game of the same name, however this series is more violent then BL really. The story is about a young man named Akira and his best friend Keisuke who find themselves caught up in a violent game. The goal of the game is to attack other players in a violent part of the city know as Toshima and collect dog tags. The person who collects a Royal Flush in dog tags will have the opportunity to fight the strongest fighter "II-Re". Togainu no Chi is a beautifully rendered gritty anime, with dark tones. This anime is harsh and not meant to be pretty, it's about survival in a harsh environment where only the strongest survive. Amoung the violence Akira and Keisuke fight to survive as well as try maintain there fragile friendship. Along the journey Akira and Keisuke make new friends as well as enemies. Drug use is a theme heavily explored in Togainu no Chi, in the merciless city of Toshima many of it's residents turn to a drug called Line in order to futher there cause of winning in the game. Akira himself hold's the key within himself to Line. the voice work was very well done, no complaints there the actor's really gave that sense of tormented people stuck in a fate they couldn't control. All in all I would say this anime is worth checking out, I think its going to be one of thise anime's that will stay under the radar. It's not likely to be picked up by any company other then maybe Rightstuf, I am not sure if it is Funimation's cup of tea to tell you the truth. In any case post your comments and tell me what you think.

January 2011 - Bishonen of the Month - Wolverine

Well this is the anime of the current season I am really enjoying, so I thought why not choose Wolverine as our Bishonen of the Month. i have always been a huge fan of X-Men and Wolverine in particular. Currently the anime has reached it's second episode. Wolverine did make an appearance in the Iron Man anime briefly. In this new imagining of Wolverine, Logan is in love with the daughter of a Yakuza leader. The daughter however is set to marry another man for political and financial gain and it's up to our hero to save the girl. I will review this anime fully once it has finished. In the mean time enjoy Wolverine anime style.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Hello All,

I know I promised I would be back and well what can I say, the outside world consumes most of my time. In any case I will start trying to update and review when I can. I will start my bishonen of the month column again as well. Again my apologies for not updating as often as I should hopefully 2011 will be the year. Reviews I am currently working on are Eden of the East and Vampire Knight. Please look forward to them in the near future.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Back

Hello All,

I know it's been a loooong time but I am back and hopefully I will try and keep this blog updated as much as I can. It's been a crazy few years but I am finally a nurse now and now have some spare time to report on Otaku Corner. Glad to be back

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Maki Murakami at Otakon

Well I just found out that Maki Murakami is going to be at Otakon and this fangirl is super thrilled. One of my favorite Yaoi authors and I may get to meet her...OMG....Yippeeeeee.....ok I need to calm down. So as most of you know Murakami sensei is the the wonderful author behind Gravitation....like OMG...OMG..OMG....anyway I know I am totally ranting. On another note this is Otaku Corner's one hundredth post...I am glad that for the one hundredth post I was able to report this awsome news. Well hope to see y'all at Otakon.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Victorian Romance Emma Second Act

So Victorian Romance Emma is about to be starting very soon. This is an anime that I have been really looking foreward to as the the first season was absolutely wonderful, but the ending left me disatisfied, which is why I am thrilled about season two. Emma is the story about a maid living in Victorian England who falls in love with a nobleman named William. Of course there class differences is what keeps them apart, and by the end of season one Emma leaves London and William behind. William in turn engages himself to a proper young english noblewoman to appease his father. That is where we ended with season one so I am fully expecting season two to end as the manga ended hopefully. Emma is a simple love story with a lot of depth and complexity all at the same time. In a market saturated with magic girls, mecha and shinigami animes, Emma is a breath of fresh air. I hope you will all give this one a chance it truly is a hidden gem.

Update: As of June 30th 2007, Right Stuf International has annouced that they have licensed Season 1 and 2 of Emma. I regret to inform you however that this series will not recieve an english dub; As much as I wanted to see this series stateside, I am immensly disappointed that a truly wonderful series like Emma is being neglected a dubbed version. As I have stated on several occasions I am not a sub purest and do enjoy dubs when done properly. If anyone else feels the same as me please feel free to politely express your opinion to RightStuf international at www.rightstuf.com.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Otaku Corner at Otakon 2007

Well another year and another Otakon convention, This year I will try my best to bring you the latest from the Otakon floor, inculding latest licenses and updates. I will also try and get an update on Fruits Basket season two campaign from Funimation. I hope to see y'all there July 20 -22, 2007.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Anime - Devil May Cry

I know should be updating more often with it being summer and all, but sorry guys my bro is getting married and guess who the wedding planner is (and it's not J-Lo); so I have been mega busy with that lately. In any case I just had to discuss Devil May Cry because I love love love the games especially DMC 3. DMC 4 is probably the main reason I will be purchasing a PS3, horrible isn't it. Anyhoo so the anime was set to start a few days ago and I believe it's to run at 12 episodes. From what I have seen or heard Trish and Lady are scheduled to make appearences, however I have no idea if Lucia and Vergil will be appearing as well. I would love to see Vergil as I like him much more than Dante, not that Dante isn't sexy either, Vergil is just sooo evil....mmmmm..... Anyway getting my hormones under control; I am truly looking forward to this anime, my hope is that the fight scenes will be as stylish and action packed as in the games. I also cannot wait to see bad boy Dante in action. Well let's hope the anime is popular enough to warrent a second season.