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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Good Evening

Sorry I know I would said I would keep this blog updated, but I have just been so busy with school. I know that is no excuse. In anycase I thought I would ramble about my current fav dubbed anime, Gungrave. I absolutely have fallen in love with Gungrave, this anime is great. It's got everything drama, romance, the whole nine yards. Gungrave is my latest addiction. The story centers around a young man named Brandon Heat, who with his best friend Harry McDowell, joins the Mafia. Eventually in the pursuit of power Harry betrays and kills Brandon. This leads Brandon to be ressurected calling himself Beyond the Grave, Brandon vows to get revenge on Harry. Well as for foreign anime, I have been watching Tsubasa, but I dunno, the anime does not really have me hooked, I mean the first episode was great, but it just went downhill from there.


  • At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Zee said…

    Gungrave is AWESOME. And I am speechless. Nothing more to say. It is nice so far I just hope that the ending won't disappoint me.


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