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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fruits Basket Chapter 111 Review

Momiji kun all grown up

Well I decided that I would put up a review for Fruits Basket Chapter 111. Now mind you this is just a quick overview of the main points of the chapter. Akito has isolated herself, believeing that by doing so, the world she imagines will come true, she is told by Shigure that nothing will change even if she does isolate herself. Shigure annoyed that she is isolating herself leaves upon the arrival of Kureno. Kureno then proceeds to tell Akito that Shigure will leave her, Alito then replys that because Shigue is so cold and unkind, she no longer knows him. Meanwhile Tohru runs into Momiji at school and comments on how much Momiji has grown, to which Momiji responds that while he was smaller there was so many things he could get away with, but now he is happy that he is taller because he is a guy after all. Back at Shigure's house Kisa and Hiro arrive. Kisa who was always wary of Kyo is very proud of the fact that she has managed to greet him, stating that Kyo is a really nice person and that he is especially nice to Tohru. Back at the main house Shigure decides to meet Hatori befor he leaves. Hatori asks Shigure if he just came to visit Akito to say some nasty things to her. Hatori also tell Shigure that every time he visits Akito isolates herself more and more, and that Shigure should be nicer to Akito. Shigure just says that this is his nature and that he does not want to be Akito's father figure. Back at Shigure's house Yuki, Tohru, Momiji and Haru arrive, while they decide what to cook Tohru notices that Kyo is missing. Kisa tell Tohru that Kyo is probably in his room. Tohru then thinks back to the day that Shigure told her what the 12 zodiac members really think about Kyo. Momiji then volunteers togo bring Kyo down. Meanwhile Hiro comments on the fact that Kyo really like Tohru, to which Yuki says is that not ok. Hiro responds by saying that "but he's the cat." Haru then says that Hiro is the type that crosses the bridge that no one else is willing to cross. Momiji then finds Kyo and tells him to come down. Kyo comments on how much Momiji has grown, to which Momiji says that someday he may become taller and cooler then Kyo and is that happens maybe Tohru will acept his proposal...that is if Kyo gives up. Momiji then goes on to say that it could possibly happen that is why you should never give up. Momiji then asks Kyo if he would be upset if some guy happened to steal Tohru from him. Before Kyo can give an answer Momiji tells him to come eat and much to Kyo's shock he realizes that his feelings for Tohru have been obvious. Shigue returns home to a full house and asks Tohru how she's doing with all that's been going on, to which Tohru says she's hanging in there. Shigure then states that the one he should have dreamed of should have been Tohru and that for somebody like him, she may be a essential person. Meanwhile at Kazuma's house Rin and Kagura are arguing. End of chapter.

My Thoughts

Well I think it's kind of sad that Momiji has an unrequited love for Tohru, but I think it's very noble of him to encourage Kyo to not give up on a relationship with Tohru, regardless of the fact that he is the cat. Shigure also seems to have an interesting role in this chapter. Shigure seems to be getting tired of Akito's mood swings and tired of being her father figure. It seems to me that Shigure may be ready to move on with his life, as he and Akito grow further and further apart. Which leads me to Akito who thinks that her isolation will bring the 12 closer to her, unfortunetly for Akito this will never be the case. Hiro also seems to have grown quite a bit in this chapter as well, although I find that Hiro has always thought like an adult.


  • At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My oh my, Shigure is always the mysterious one. Who knew Momiji would fall in love with Tohru. It was totally unexpected. Well it seems like Shigure likes Tohru too. POor Tohru, no where to go, what will she do? Overall an excellent job done on the review. Keep it up ;)

  • At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you so much for putting up these reviews. I hope you continue.

  • At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    omg i knew momiji liked tohr since he asked to sleep in the same room as her and take bath with her when she went to the hot springs. I LOVE THIS SHOW!


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