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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Disappearence of X and Bishonen of the Month

Yuto Kigai of X

Well X is my all time favorite manga, and like many other people I was disappointed to find out that it had been halted. To me personally I feel that the X manga is one of Clamp's best works. (With both XXXholic and Tsubasa running in second). It's been more then two years and there still has been no ending in sight to the X manga. Last we left of Kanoe had been murdered, Arashi went missing, Princess Hinoto is totally evil and the final battle between Kamui and Fuma had began. The point that the manga had ended at was Fuma holding a sword over Kamui who has now realized his final wish....argh.... Anyway according to a recent report X had decided to hold off the last chapters of the manga due to current events and natural diasters occuring in Japan at the time. Apparently the ending of X is extremely violent and many of the cast members die brutally due to natural diasters. As a result Clamp did not want to change the ending and decided it would be best to wait for another time to finish the ending. I hope to see the end of the X manga soon regardless of how tragic of an ending it is. It doesn't help either that Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle also features a whole bunch of X characters....but c'est la vie.

Bishonen of the Month
Incidently I chose the picture of Yuto because he is my favorite X character, his easy going nature and acceptance of his destiny as a Dragon of Earth is what I love most about him. His tarot card: The Devil. Yuto is a water master, he has the ability to control water, although most of the time he prefers to use a whip with blades at the ends for a weapon. Yuto like water tends to go with the flow, he decided to accept his destiny as a DOE because he felt it would be interesting. He has no real attachments and is a very happy go lucky guy. Yuto is actually a cross over character from some other CLAMP series. Yuto is very close to Kanoe and is actually one of the first DOE members she recruited. However even though he shares a closeness with Kanoe he is very much falling in love with Satsuki, a fellow DOE. I have heard that Yuto has a sister named Tomoe, however I have not gotten that far in the manga to be sure. Yuto's day job is a Civil Servant, however as Sorata once pointed out, Yuto looks like he should be working in the "Red Light District". Sorata is actually the first DOH that Yuto fights as he found Sorata to be quite amusing. In the anime Yuto is killed by Karen the flame master (Incidentally Satsuki is also killed by a jealous beast when she helps Yuto out during this fight). In the manga however he is still very much alive.


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