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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bishonen of the Month

Akabane Kurodo

Well I would like to introduce November's Bishonen of the month, Mr. Akabane Kurodo aka Dr. Jackel. This man is a character of the anime and manga Get Backers and boy is he hot! Dr. Jackel is a very polite, very professional, cold blooded killer. By occupation Dr. Jackel is a transporter who ensures delivery of questionable items, his partner sometimes for his deliveries is Himiko Kudo aka Lady Poison. Dr. Jackel's favorite hobby seems to be scaring Ginji Amano of the Get Backers. The fee that Dr. Jackel charges for his transportation service is simply how much pleasure he will obtain from the job; meaning if he can get a good fight out of the job then he will take it on. Dr. Jackel can hold up to 105 knives or scapels in his body at one time and is his weapon of choice; his true power however has yet to be revealed. A powerful friend and foe to the Get Backers Akabane is man to watch out for.


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