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Friday, October 14, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo

Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo

Well I thought I would mention this new anime to come out Jigoku Shoujo. I have never read the manga if one even exsists, I am not too sure, in any case the story seems to revolve around a website known as Hell Correspondance. Each episode features different characters with different problems who for some reason or another need to get revenge. Thus one logs onto the Hell Correspondance website at midnight only and submits the name of the person they wish to get revenge on. This leads to the enterance of a young woman named Enma Ai and her group of three companions. Who she is, what she is no one really knows, she is though a supernatural being. Enma Ai and her group send the person who is the revenge target of the week to hell, however the cost of revenge is that the person who requested the revenge will also upon death be sentenced to an afterlife in hell with no chance of ever reaching heaven. A heavy price to pay no matter how much the person deserves to get there dues. In anycase will this was a very good, very creepy anime, clean animation and very nice character designs(sort of reminded me of Paranoia Agent character designs). Overall I would recommend watching the first 2 episodes just to see if you would personally like it. You never know it may creep you out.


  • At 6:28 AM, Anonymous saru rie said…

    it is creepy..in a nice sort of way tho..that's why it's nice..


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