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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Hachiyoshou

Akane and the Hachiyou Eight

Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Hachiyoshou, is the latest anime I have started watching. It's pretty interesting however be warned it borrows themes heavily from Fushigi Yugi, yet the story still has some original elements to it. the heroine of the story is named Akane, a normal school girl who as been summoned to the alternate world of Kyou to become the Priestess of Ryujinn, because the other four Gods (Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu and Seiryu) have gone missing. In any case two of Akane's friends Shimon and Tenma are also dragged to the other world with her. So begins Akane's quest to gather the Suzaku Seven.....err i mean the Hachiyou Eight, once she gathers the Hachiyou Eight(The Eight Leaves) then Akane will be able to summon Ryujinn. The enemy who is trying to use her is named Akram who is considered a demon by the people of Kyo. Akane however aware of Akram's cruelty is slowly beginning to fall in love with him, it is this that makes the story take an interesting turn and differs from Fushigi Yugi. No matter how much the Hachiyou eight try to protect Akane, she cannot help but be drawn to Akram and oftens meets him when he summons her. Anyway this is not a bad anime, right now I am only up to episode 11 and look foreward to the next episode. Although as of now Honey and Clover is my all time favorite anime to be released this year, but Hachiyoshou is also one worth taking a look at, especially for those Fushigi Yugi fans out there.


  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger kloud said…

    I've never seen Fushigi Yugi, even though I have it...I know, I should watch it...but I've read the manga of Harukanaru Toki no Nakade, and I like it a lot so far! But the reason for the comment is because I wouldn't have even attempted to read it if you didn't cover it, so thank you!!!



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