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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hot pic!

Kureno and Rin in changing of the year dance.

Good Evening(or should I say Good Morning), in any case just wanted to post this picture up of Ritsu and Kureno (yes that is Ritsu and yes they are both guys). In anycase this picture signifys the changing of the year from the year of the Monkey(Ritsu) to this year 2005, the year of the Rooster(Kureno). I posted this picture because I really liked it and think it's pretty hot. I have also seen the changing of the year pic of Momiji - Hatori, Hatori - Ayame, Rin - Hiro, Hiro - Ritsu, however I have yet to see a pic of Ayame - Rin(if one exists). I am real interested to see if Takaya-sensei does one next year which will be Kureno - Shigure. It will be interesting since most of us know how much Shigure really hates Kureno. I wonder what kind of pose that will be. ha ha ha....well on that note I promise I will soon put up a review of chapter 112.


  • At 5:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No!! O.O And all this time I've been thinking it was either Katsuya and Kyoko or Kureno and Uotani...>.> Just my idiocy kicking in again, probably...now that you say it, it does make sense...I hope Takaya-sensei makes a Kureno and Shigure...it would be rather interesting, but with the series drawing so quickly to an end, she probably won't get the chance to! >.< (By the way: this is Sesshouamonkuya from Gaia...I was the one looking for manga scans a while back!)


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