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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Review of Victorian Romance Emma

Victorian Romance Emma

Well I just finished watching Victorian Romance Emma, this is a twelve episode anime and must say I really enjoyed it. Victorian Romance Emma is based on the manga of the same name by Kaoru Mori. The story is a nice change from all those fighting, over dramatic, over done animes. The story is about a young maid named Emma living in Victorian England who falls in love with a member of the British gentry, a man named William Jounes. The love between Emma and William is looked down upon simply because she is a maid and he is expected to marry into nobility. Much to William's dismay most of his family and most especially his father disapprove of his releationship with Emma. Throw in a girl from the gentry and you've got a genuine love triangle. The question is will William choose love and marry Emma, or will he choose duty and marry the girl from the upper classes(I think her name was Elenanor, I forgot). Unfortunetly tweleve episodes were not enough to contain this anime and the ending although not too sad leaves me craving more. I hope there will be a second season as they ended the anime somewhere in volume two of the manga. Emma is a nice slow paced anime, with interesting characters and a simple yet an intriguing story and a plot with depth. Prejudice and class differences are issues explored in this story. One thing I found interesting was that William's father stated that England was actually two nations instead of one. William's father stated that the difference between the nobles and the working class were essentially two different nations in England and that one should never marry somebody who is not from your nation. In any case if your looking for something different this is great series to check out on a Sunday afternoon. Just try not to be too disapponted with the end as the manga goes beyond the anime ending. Rating - 8.5/10


  • At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Zee said…

    Story seems a little outdated. I mean same ol' story where a rich guy loves a poor woman, but to add to the drama there is a rich girl waiting for him to marry her. Now either he will marry his love, where he will be happy (may be), or he might marry the rich brat (and she would make his life miserable). Or he might marry both, he he he. Well I guess to find out we have to read the manga.


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