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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fruits Basket Chapter 112 and 113

Kakeru and Komaki

Well both these chapters I found boring and really uninteresting. In Chapter 112 we are introduced to Komaki (she sort of looks like a young version of Kana), she is Kakeru's girlfriend. In any case the importance of this chapter is that Komaki's father was the other car involved with Tohru's mothers accident. Komaki's father also died in the accident as well, he died instantly on the spot. Kakeru talks to Tohru in the school hallway and she remembers the time that Komaki and Kakeru came to visit her on the death of her mother. The other important point in this chapter was that Yuki gives Machi a present, he gives her a small Mogeta collectable. In chapter 113 we have Yuki going for dinner at Kakeru's house, where he is introduced to Komaki. we learn the Komaki loves to eat meat. Yuki is also concerned that if his ties with Tohru will be upsetting for Komaki, to which Kakeru says that Komaki knows Yuki and Tohru are friends and everything is ok. Kakeru has a flashback of when he and Komaki went to visit Tohru and he pulled her aside and told her that she was not the only one who is suffering and unhappy and to stop thinking that she was the most unfortunate. Kakeru then tells Komaki what he said to Tohru which causes Komaki to burst into tears, knowing he only said what he did for her sake. Komaki was unhappy with Kakeru measuring people's sadness misfortune and at the time Kakeru could not understand why Komaki was crying. Kakeru felt they had always shared the same viewpoint, and as he told Yuki, Yuki asked him he must have felt lonely with that realization. Kakeru said he did feel lonley but he is slowly learning. Kakeru really loves Komaki a great deal. Kakeru does have another flashback from earlier in the moring where he is chatting with Tohru and apologizing to her about what he said to her on her mother's funeral, saying that Komaki was upset with what he said to. In any case Komaki arrives and prepares dinner. Kakeru tricks Komaki into thinking that Yuki is a girl. The rest of the night goes on without a hitch, when Yuki leaves Kakeru tells Komaki that he wishes that if Machi and Yuki hook up the they could be relatives.

My Thoughts

Well like I said I found these chapters to be really boring and I was totally uninterested hence the short summaries. About Yuki giving Machi a gift, this is significant because besides Tohru, Machi is the only other female that Yuki has given a gift to. We also learn of how Tohru knew Kakeru as she indicated once before. We also learn why Kakeru brings such a painful memory to Tohru because of his harsh words and why she would rather forget him. I dunno I mean important information was revealed about the nature of the accident which took Kyoko's life, buy like I said these chapters just really bore me. In any case here's hoping we get some chapters on Tohru and Kyo or Akito and Shigure.


  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Zee said…

    Is Kakeru the guy who is in the student council and is the vice president?? Is Machi Kakeru's sister? Or is Machi and Komaki the same? If Komaki and Machi are the same then she is Kakeru's girlfriend, which makes her forbidden for Yuki. And if she is forbidden why is Yuki is shown to give Machi gift. This whole Kakeru, Machi and Komaki...CONFUSING..can you please explain how they are related! One more thing, why does Tohru come in the scene here? I mean I know that her mother and Komaki's father died in the same accident but what was Kakeru's business in that funeral? Why was he so cruel with Tohru? Why couldn't Tohru forgive him? Why Komaki cried?

  • At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Goodness Zee, calm down! Yes, Kakeru is the student council vice president. Machi is Kakeru's half-sister. Komaki is NOT Machi, she is just Kakeru's girlfriend. Kakeru was at the funeral because Komaki's dad had also died in the wreck and he wanted it to be clear to Tohru that she was not the only one suffering. Komaki was crying . . . I don't understand why she was crying either.

  • At 10:11 AM, Anonymous tohru said…

    ok komaki was crying because earlier in vol.13 kakeru had mentioned that someone had said the exact same thing yuki said about measuring peoples sadness and not caring for their feelings oh and you can see in vol.13 a little side pic of komaki with her hands covering her face. um..im sorry if its still not clear...

  • At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Who are those people you have at the top of the page, the man and woman? I know that they're from Fruits Basket but I honestly can't figure out who they are! I saw that same pic in a FB volume too and it's still stumping me. Can you tell me who they are? Sorry if this really has nothing to do with the topic XD

  • At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The woman is either Ritsu or Arisa...Mostly Ritsu and the guy is either Kureno or hatori or Shishou


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