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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bishonen of December and January

Ginji Amano and Ban Mido

Well I had no plans of having two bishonen of the month but since I missed December I decided to put up two lead men and who better the the Getbackers themselves. Truthfully these days I am really into Getbackers, I absolutely love this anime and can't wait to start reading the manga. Anyway these two look absolutely delicious in this picture. Ginji Amano and Ban Mido run the Getbackers recovery service, they get back whatever was stolen for a small fee. Unfortunetly for Ban and Ginji they have very little luck when it comes to money, as they never have any....lol. Anyway Ginji is the former lightening emperor of the limitless fortress; Ginji has control over electricity and his innocent demeanor hides a very strong fighter. Regardless Ginji is a very kind, gentle and somewhat clueless individual. On ther other extreme we have Ban Mido, who has the power to create illusions good or bad through his Jagan eyes, his hands also contain 400 pounds of pressure his other weapon. Ban is extremely intelligent, self-centered and greedy, usually Ginji tends to be his concious and moral compass. It is said that before Ban and Ginji were friend they had a pretty big fight outside the limitless fortress; who won that fight has yet to be revealed. Dr. Jackel is also waiting to find out who won between Ban and Ginji so that he can fight who the victor was. Regardless who won Ban and Ginji are great friends now always sensing when the other is dangerous. Theyare the perfect team whose strengths and weaknesses complement one another.


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