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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fruits Basket Chapter 126!

Chapter 126 here finally! Kyo confronts his father!

It's here at last, another Kyo chapter. Though not a Kyoru chapter we do get this amazingly cute cover page for the chapter, signifying a new volume...and the last. Yes this is likely to be the final colour page of Fruits Basket you're going to see.
Anyway, on with the summary.

We also get a cute Hiro/Kisa non colour page too to start off the chapter with the saying "I want to protect you". (Aww)

Once again we see the creepy Hana in a Kyo chapter. O.o
We open with Kyo doing yet another inner monolouge, saying how how simple a solution can be. That things can be easily acheived when you just face what you've been avoiding. However for him...
We see Kyo sadly standing outside his father's house for a moment before pulling open the door. As he does he remembers Tohru's last words to him, telling him it was alright.
Inside is his father, sitting in the dark smoking. Kyo (who shockingly still calls him father!) asks why he's not working. That most normal people would be working at this time (Assuming he's just finished school, it's going to be about 3ish) and he says that it seems the man can't keept a steady job.
Kyo's father telling him to shut up, that he's not been well recently and so is simply taking a break. Once again he seems to be putting the blame on Kyo; asking whose fault he thinks it is.
As the man talks Kyo remembers back to his mother who is sitting down supposedly crying(?) while Kyo stands next to her holding her hands.
Kyo asks if he thinks its his fault and once again his father tells him that he's right and he should just admit to killing his mother.
A short flash back to a young Kyo shows the boy looking up with cat-like eyes while the present day Kyo keeps his head down though also has cat-like eyes.
His father tells him not to think he's forgiven just because he was only indirectly involved. The voice is cut off as we focus on Kyo for a second. He says that he feels disgust, fear and dispair all mixed in together and boiling like in a pot under the pressure.
As his father finishes his shouting Kyo finally speaks. Saying it was his fault!
At this his father seems to snap laughing insanely and considerably scaring the poor young maid in the room with them. He tells the maid that she heard it too so to call the main house and let them take him (Kyo) away.
Kyo agrees with his father and the maid leaves while Kyo's father tells him to never come out considering how much guilt he has of being a murderder on his shoulders.
However as he still looks down sadly, Kyo says that he refuses and that he will not go there (the neko room) much to the shock of his father. He tells his father that he lives on the outside now and will do so indefinitely and he came to make sure the man understood that fact.
Switch to Kyo's inner monolouge again and he says that he's shaking, and that it's funny how unnatural it is. That you wouldn't normally have to declare such a thing, that he doesn't have to shake but he can't help it.
We see a flowery image of Tohru as he says that she never once looked down on him or looked at him in disgust but that she tried to help him and reach out to him.
End the inner monolouge and we switch back to a still sad looking Kyo, telling his father that there is someone he wants to be with now and for the rest of his life.
All of this seems to have angered Kyo's father and in the shadows he says that it's no good. That it's not possible for him to be forgiven or "normal".
As he screams at Kyo that he won't forgive him he throws the rather large ashtray at Kyo. He tells him that he has to pay for his sin. That it's because of him he's felt so much shame and that Kyo has ruined his life. That it's all because she (Kyo's mother) gave birth to him and he was born.
Kyo suddenly remembers something as he's shouting. Something that it seems he's kept hidden for a long time, of someone saying that for such a child to be born they should disapear. We pan out slightly on the previous flash back and see that Kyo is not alone with his mother on the floor. He remembers someone is standing over them, telling her to disapear. (Could it be his father hit her?) It seems his mother also had some trouble too.
Kyo's father shouts at Kyo again. He says that he bet they (Kyo and his mother?) enjoyed rubbing his face in the dirt and enjoyed his embarasment.
At this moment Kyo remembers everything of the moment and that it was his father standing above them shouting at his mother with his fists clenched. Kyo finally remembers that his father was shouting at them to both disapear.
Kyo, with scary white cat eyes, asks in a scaryily calm shocked state if he really said that to his mother?
Kyo's father snaps at this, pushing Kyo against the wall as he shouts. Asking if Kyo is pushing the guilt on him, that it's not his fault and Kyo forced her to do it (kill herself).
We flash back to a familiar scene of young Kyo shouting that it's not his fault.
Still Kyo's father continues, saying it wasn't his fault that this monster was born. That it was "your" fault. (Kyo's mother?)
Things become calm as we flash back once more, Kyo looking at his mother from behind as she steps up to the platform. It seems he was there when she killed herself. *Falls in plot hole*
Kyo once again switches to an inner monolouge, asking if "you" (his mother?) felt sad and alone. He asks if she felt like she was being suffocated and if she suffered. He says that he can't afford to say he'll understand when he's older because if she's dead he won't be able tog et back what was lost. He says that he wanted her to be alive but it's too late now even though he feels the same.
We see his mother spread he arms and lean forward. *Falls in another plot hole.*
He says that he didn't want her to die and that he did't want her to be thrown away while she was still alive. He calls her mother and we end the flash back.
Back in the room Kyo has pushed his father away to stop him. He tells him he won't throw anything away any longer and that he'll do what he can while he's still breathing to live.
Kyo's father begins to protest and reaches for Kyo once more but this time Kyo stops him and grabs his wrist. Kyo tells him to leave him and Kyo's father seems shocked that his son was able to stop him and finds he cannot pull away.
Rather pathetically Kyo's father starts to scream for help, crying that Kyo is going to kill him. Kyo remains silent, still holding the other's wrist as his father stills calls for someone to help him.
At that moment we skip to the main house where it seem the maid (evil bitch maid) has just finished telling Akito about the phone call and that they are to get the "moster" as his father asks.
However, we finally see the change in Akito has really taken hold. As she dresses, Akito tells the maid no, that she has to talk with his father as Kyo is now free. This greatly shocks the maid and asks if Akito is being serious to which Akito confirms. The maids goes on to ask if Aki really thinks his father will accept this, however Akito simply replies that it is what she's decided. (Yay!)
The maid tells Akito that she's changed and that she preferred her before. O.o
Akito tells her as she leaves that she can stay ther (in the past) for as long as she likes but she herself is moving forward. With that Aki leaves the maid in the darkness and heads off to see Kyo and his father.
Once again it says how simple the solution is but also difficult.
We cut back to Kyo and his father, Kyo has let his fathers wrist go and the man moves back. Kyo (or Akito) says in yet another inner monolouge, how he has it within his grasp at last as we see an image of Akito with him in the frame. He says that because of this it is even more important.
Kyo says that he'll be coming again and goes to leave. Kyo's father says, with less conviction this time, that he'll never forgive him but Kyo is already gone.
Kyo says that the resolutions between himself and his father is simple but needs a lot of time. Kyo says to himself that he has to do it...to live, and wanders down the street.
We cut to Kisa and Hiro walking together down the street, Kisa amazingly happy and smiling while Hiro is blushing. She tells him that there is nothing about Hiro that people don't like and that she's glad she was the first he came to. (It seems he's told her about being free.)
Hiro reluctantly asks that now he's no longer cursed will she still like him. This seems to make her sad and she asks in return if now he is free will he still like her? Would he not prefer someone he can be close with? It seems he can no longer hold her. T.T
As Hiro tries to tell her whats on his mind and in his heart we hear the lovely sound of someone throwing up. Hiro turns around to find Kyo behind them leaning on a lamppost and throwing up.
Hiro spazzes and asks what he's doing here while Kyo coughs. (Why is the puke glittering? O.o)
Kyo mumbles that it feels like all the tension is released like a cut rope, beside him it says self control.
Hiro says that he's not making sense while Kisa asks if he's ok now. Hiro says he must be after throwing up so much and Kisa offers Kyo her handkerchief.
Kyo looks up to see a shimmering image ok Tohru over Kisa and takes the offering, thanking her for it.
Hiro tells him that he's going to have to clear it all up, but that he'll help! Kyo says he'll do it himself but Hiro protests saying that he cares and goes with Kisa saying they can borrow some cleaning things.
Kyo looks down and Kisa's handkerchief and thinks of the image of Tohru he saw over her. He says to himself that if you see a vision then you must be sick.
We fade from Kyo with someone saying they want to see and we cut to Tohru for the last page looking out at the sky on the rooftop. Once again someone says "I want to see."
Chapter 127 20th of May 2006

My Thoughts:
Hana's definitely got something going on there in the first page, like with the previous chapters where she's known something but not let on. I think she might know about the curse somehow but not be telling anyone.
This is a great chapter, had some real revalations about Kyo's past and his father. It seems his father could have been violent to his mother. We also get to learn more about what happens when one is freed from the curse. It seems all traces of the curse are gone so they can no longer even hug the still cursed members which is sad for Hiro and Kisa.
Also I'm thinking maybe that white top Aki is wearing is how she hides her boobs. They're not that small so I'm thinking it's one of those tight ones transexuals wear before the op.
The ending of this chapter has really made me think about how badly hurt Tohru is. Instead of it saying "I want to see you" as if their talking about each other it says "I want to see" making me think that perhaps Tohru is blind or has some damage to her vision. It's probably me jsut over analysing it but considering she's facing the sky too it does seem a little suspicious. Also if you remember back to the last Tohru chapter we never got to see her face. We know her head is bandaged but we never saw the front of her face making me think maybe she is blind?
If you noticed, I mentioned two plot holes here.
Thie first being the fact that Kyo was with his mother when she died. When it was quite clearly said in volume 6 that she never let him outside after he changed into his true form. Even he remembers not being let out so why would he be there with her when she was so paranoid about keeping him hidden?
The second that I mentioned was that people said her death was an accident and that she tripped. This was clearly ignored in this chapter, there were many people on the platform with her (who weren't included in this flashback) so thy would have seen her step forward so calmly, raise her arms and fall forward. There is no way it could be made to look like she slipped.

We also learn the correct orignial way of spelling "Tohru". It is not spelt "Tooru" or "Touru" as some think but simply the boys version "Toru".

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  • At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for doing all this work to update those of us who can't wait for the English! But does anyone know--when does Hiro become free, and how does it happen? I missed it. Thanks!

  • At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you so much! :) This was a great chapter and what a cute cover!

  • At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Rei Rei said…

    Hiro became free awhile ago, i forgot when, I think it was before Tohru's accident. anyway another great chapter and thanks for the review. The ladies of Otaku Corner Rule!

  • At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thankyou sooo much for translating this chapter!!!I saw the scans two days ago, and I wanted to know what they were saying. I just have one question. On the second last page it says "I want to see", but on the last page it says "I want to see" plus extra character. I know next to nothing about Japanese writing, so is it just something added at the end, or is it actually important?

  • At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for a great chapter....I hope the next chapter will be a Kyoru chapter.....

  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Seph said…

    Hiro was freed in chapter 118 during Akito's argument with Ren before she stormed off. That's how Aki got the knife too, Ren was going to kill her.

    The extra hirigana on the last page is just "yo". It doesn't change the speech, I'll double check anyway.

  • At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This was such a sad chapter, i wish Kyo's father had a change of heart about his son.....sooo sad....

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  • At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This chapter was mega sad, and the end where tohru is waiting for kyo is just soooo heart wrenching, but at least kyo is free now, and free to see tohru without having to worry about ever being locked up.

  • At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    another wonderful review. Thanks for all you hard work ><

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    for some reason, i am getting the impression that Kyo has not only been set free from the neko room, but also from the curse. Because when Kureno talked to Tohru, I thought he said that he felt like it was "lifted" and Kyo said that, even if he thought it was the stress....maybe. I don't know. Thanks for posting the summary anyways!>.< I really like your site.

  • At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hiro and kisa were so kawaii in this chapter. Thanks for another great summary as always.

  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger Seph said…

    We were having the same discussion when it first came out. However, if you remember back to the other two times someone has been freed there's always the feathers and that little pingy thing. Plus when Akito speaks of freeing Kyo she says she'd decided it confirming she's not talking about him actually being free as we know there is no way for the God to control the curse. Plus all three have cried suddenly when the curse was lifted, throughout the who chapter we saw nothing that could suggest him being free. When he said he felt a weight lifted he was thinking back to what he'd said to his father and having that guilt lifted from his shoulder of "killing" his mother.

  • At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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    -_- kyos fathers a @#$!&% i hate him, and dangit kyo! QUIT STALLIN! Hurry your butt up! (with tohru i mean) she and every other fruits basket reader is waitingggggggg, ^_____^ *anxious* poor tohru, i cant wait until they meet! XD (by the way, when is the next chapter coming out?)

  • At 7:53 AM, Blogger Seph said…

    No one knows how its being broken. The protection thing wouldn't work or Kyo would also be free as well as others. Also Kurneo didn't have anyone protect until after he was free too. We've already crossed out the falling in love thing or many would be free.
    Chapter 127 comes out on the 20th of this month though look out for it on the 18th.

  • At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    will you guys have a review of the next chapter next week?

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Seph said…

    Yep, It's li8kely to come out around Thursday by which time I'll be home for study leave so it'll be up even sooner hopefully!
    *Cries* AS Exams the week after.

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    Omg I just finished fruits basket and it was so sad DDDXXX The last words thought before the timeskip were "I've gone, but I'll be back!" DDDXXX Well done, Natsuki Takaya! Well done!


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