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Sunday, April 02, 2006

How might we serve you?

Hoshi no Yakata
by Tori Maia

This series is by far one of my all time favourites for yaoi. If you like a good lot of BDSM and lovely ukes then this is for you.
The Hoshi no Yakata or more commonly know as the Palace of Stars is a secret suburban club frequented by mostly students. It's a place where they can fufill their deepest desires. Of course, it's also a place for those who have no where to go, no to come as guests but employees.
The first volume of the five in the series focuses on a number of different side stories. {And it seems the Palaces looses a lot of their staff in this volume too.}
A side from these quite romantic one-offs {yes BDSM can have romance too!} we also get to meet the majority of the main characters in the series.
Sumiya is the number one master at the Palace, though even he has problems when he falls in love with one of his regular guests. He is soon heart broken when he discovers that his guest only comes to him because he sounds like his other master. This quickly becomes one of the key plots as we learn that the guest, Yuuki, is also an employee at Airenrou or the Tower of Compassion and Sumiya goes to work there for a week.
We also get to meet Kaoru and Shaoron a slave turned master and a previous slave of the Tower. We follow them as Kaoru struggles to accept Shao's love at first then soon become lovers while still working.
Later as we near the end of the series we meet the manager {soon to be ex-manager} of the Tower, Fei Ye and his brother Fei Fa.
The series follows these masters and slaves as they experience true love and heart ache mixed in with a good deal of BDSM.
For fans of Maia's other series "Sadistic Boy" this is a must. The art style is very unique to her manga alone and little varies in style between the two series. If you've read Dr Ten and are looking for something more then this is definitely for you.
YOu can find this yaoi at Game over or Continue: http://mitglied.lycos.de/gameoverorcontinue/index.php?site=ongoing/hoshi
They're just putting up the final volume. This group also has Maia's Sadistic Boy.


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