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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fruits Basket chapter 132!

The end begins...

Finally have decent scans, translation coming as I do it.
And a note to anyone trying it; if you request the account information for my Photobucket accounts, it gets sent to my email address...idiots. Is it really that hard for you to email me and ask?


Chapter 132
Two bodies that are impatient
Finally… the last chapter arrives!!!

From the beginning
it was clear he was
unconcerned being alone.

That strangely
irritating equal.

Am I
your lover?

I wanted you to turn
and see me.

Every member has
collected here to wait?

As for Aya-nii…
he's somewhere.


What’s wrong
with Shigure.

Did he not come?

He was
home this morning...


The adults
will not calm down,
don't you think...


I appologise
I appologise
For being a
useless adult I

Then, why do you not
stop dressing as a woman...?

I appologiiiise!!

Ritsu has
not changed...

Like Akito

said to us,
we have collected
Akito has known

already hasn't he?
...of us all.


The air seems like
it is going cold.




It is not!!!

is it?


Ah no.
It's unbareable to watch.
It's unbareable to watch.
What's the matter now.
Somehow many things
seem saddening!!!





Is bad

Is bad


...It's alright

At least,
I do not think we have
...become cold
with one another.
...I was
If the curse
was broken.

We would...become
unusual around
one another.

It's alright...
I'll always
find you pretty...

E, a, yes.
Thank you.
Rin is looking.
Really she is looking!!

Thats is correct
I am constantly
over-seeing you
ever so much...

...No, that
being spoken by a
person who was gone before now.

Welcome back...

Do not fear
little brother.
It will not
become unusual. After all,
there is a saying
left by our ancestors.
That "there is no reason for fear
if we all visit the
red light district together"!

{Can't see what Haru is saying to Rin in that little bubble even by enlarging the screen on the Hana to Yume site. If anyone can get a good view on their pc of it please let me know.}

If every one has been
freed together, everyone
will be feeling fresh together. Then

What ever happens, it is true
that my beauty will not
be damaged and you
can pay your
respects to that!

That is what you most had to say?


Akito hasn't
come yet...

Where have you been wandering, Kyonkichi?

This is only...
the second time
I've come

to the mian house...

I see, I see.
When it comes to a person as common as Kyonkichi
this estate has much elegance and lavishness
though do not fear,
you should wander around
and not hesitate!!

You are not the owner of the building
so it's a rather
domineering outlook, right...

In special occasion you may bring the slippers home.

That is theft...

Nii-san is
quite a thing...
Instead of being worried about
how to treat Kyo who has been
cursed by the cat

He is insulting
as usual...?
It is...


If it may do

Akito has
finished with
the preparation...




As for Shigure?

It is not known


in the same
hobby as me...

It is different...

As for this...


Commemorating the separation


I hate you...!!


I hate you...
I hate you lots

When I thought!!

When I thought
Shigure most is


I knew you'd
throw me away
most easily!!

I hate you...
I hate you

I hate you lots!!


said anything about
"throwing you away"



You are able to
"separate" with the person
your father wanted.

You are going to
change to a new you,
Therefore in

A present


the new you

How you choose to live
starting now

It is a pleasure


You all...

returned to
your own...



will return to
my own...

You all
are free

late it is

until now







Only doing
terrible things

to them.

From now on
how are you
going to
make amends?

It is noisy
say nothing...

Having concerned
with me
It is
an honour.

It is different!!



It is different.

It's right
The one


I was most fearful of...

It felt like
Shigure was the one
most distant.

The one that was most impossible to tie down.
The one who was most without fear for me.

Whether the bond
was there or not.
You most
from me.

If I had not been calm

and wandered around
I might have

When I thought
I had you in hand

You went
to other people






I am childish
and unfair.

I do not want
to be hurt.
I want to be
exempted from loss.

If I get a thing once
I don't want to let it
out my hand.
I do not want
any other to touch.


It is correct.
If you are not going to accept me

The time for it
is now.

It is because
of you that I
have learnt to compromise

You can go beforehand
to escape.


If you
come near me
once more...

It is understood, don't you think?


Quite like Shigure
was not doing wrong at all.

He really is

That habit

Looking like
even alone

he was


Makes me want you to turn
and see me.


whole body
I want to swallow it all.

In my cells
In my bones.



Swallowing him and spreading with him.
Making him full of my smell.

Until he can
breathe no more.

This feeling


Does it overflow from a woman? .


was suprised.

It was

I tried
to appologise but

It was not possible.

To put it into words

It was as if
I was saying
"And with that
it does end."


will keep living
as a Sohma.

I think
that there are

things that
should be done.

To find

a way to protect
their true freedom.

Even with this

The leader of the main house

one other person

I must

speak with
Ren also...

"Get out"

In other words

You would like me
to be with you
in that kind of life?


Are you




I’ve been

For you to come once more.

It took some time.

...It suits you.

You are beautiful.

It gives me


He is turning
and seeing me.

...I love

I love......

I love you

If you continue
to seek me.

Until the day that the spirit mixes... a new promise just for those two...

Chapter 133 - 20th September.

{Scans from Wang-comic, hosted by yours truely.}


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