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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Naruto Chapter 312

Well I thought I would try a review of Naruto Chpater 312. It was out a couple of days ago, but I had to take a CPR course so now that it's over I was finally able to post this. I think I will try out a couple of chapters and just see how it goes. This chapter starts off with Kakashi lying in his hospital bed, with Sakura, Naruto and Sai visiting(continuing from chapter 311). Kakashi tells Naruto that he will surpass Sasuke, and that he will personally take over Naruto’s training. Kakashi goes on to tell Naruto that his training will be different from now on as Naruto will have to learn a ninjitsu which will be unique only to Naruto himself. Naruto says that he doesn’t have the amount of time required to learn a intense new jutsu of his own because it would take years and he really needs to save Sasuke. Kakashi then tells Naruto that he has devised a plan in which will reduce the time necessary for training. Before Naruto however can hear how this new time reduced training will work, they are interrupted by Asuma-sensei, Shikamaru, Choji and Ino. Shikamaru saying hi to Sakura and Naruto, immediately recognizes Sai from a previous meeting; to which Sai smiles brightly saying hello. Meanwhile Tsunade-sama has received a report that Akatsuki’s movements are increasing and that there are reports of movements just outside Konoha. Tsunade comments on there movements being problematic as well as a perfect opportunity to attack them. Meanwhile back in Kakashi’s hospital room Sai introduces himself and Ino comments to Sakura about how cool Sai is and how similar he is to Sasuke. Sakura then whispers to Ino that Sai’s appearance does not match his personality at all. Meanwhile Shikamaru comments that he heard from Tsunade what happened with Sasuke and that no matter what he will help Naruto in anyway he can. Asuma-sensei then tells all the kids that they can go out for a meal, his treat; his offer bringing cheers from Choji and Ino. Naruto then asks Kakashi about training to which Kakashi replies that he will tell Naruto later. At the resturant Shikamaru has departed early to help his father on some errand, which makes Ino comment that Shikamaru is always leaving on some weird mission. This of course makes Choji happy because he can eat Shikamaru’s share of the food. Ino yells at Choji that before eating they should introduce themselves to Sai. During introductions Sai remembers in the how to make friends book he was reading to give people nicknames which seem to suit the person (example- earlier in the last chapter I believe he gave Sakura the nickname of Hag, which was hilarious). Anyway so Sai was about to call Choji a Fatso or something along that nature, but before he could Naruto quickly covers Sai’s mouth before he can utter the words. Choji asks what Sai was trying to say, Sakura saying it was nothing, and poor Sai thinking how hard it is to give people nicknames. When Ino introduces herself to Sai, he thinks about a nickname for her realizing that he cannot say anything nasty about women. Sakura knowing firsthand about Sai’s problem with nicknames looks on with a smirk on her face knowing Sai’s going to probably give Ino a nasty nickname. Sai then politely says hello to Ino and gives her the name of pretty. Which in turn really pisses Sakura off complaining why did he treat Ino so differently from her. Meanwhile a lone female ninja is fighting two members of Akatsuki, these two Akatsuki members comment that she has a two tailed demon locked within her……

My Thoughts

Whew...go Sai, the poor guy is so unsocialized, that he is quite unaware of what is appropriate and what is just plain rude. There is such and innocence to sai which I find very endearing. When Sai was first introduced I admit I didn't like him much especially when you compare him to Sasuke as a member of Team Kakashi, but there is a lot of depth to Sai which I think is still left to be explored, not to mention he has some great comedic moments especially with Sakura. I must say Kakashi has piqued my interest in his training that he is planning to give to Naruto, and I am also dying with curiousity as to what Shikamaru has been up to lately. I can't wait to see what Naruto new jutsu will entail. As for Akatsuki I am curious as to what is there purpose behind collecting locked away demons. They had captured Gaara for the exact same reason and want Naruto as well for the nine tailed fox demon within him. I get the feeling Naruto will get to Itachi first before Sasuke does, which would interesting to see, but who knows what since Sasuke is totally willing to turn his body over to Orochimaru just for the sake of getting revenge against Itachi, hopefully Naruto will get to him before then.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bishonen of the Month - Beware of Spoilers

Gaara - Kazekage of the Village of Hidden in the Sand.

Well in all my excitement of attending Otakon, I forgot to post Bishonen of the Month, so may I introduce Mr. June, Gaara of the village hidden in the sand. Why Gaara, while truthfully Naruto has become my current obsession, and I have also been toying with the idea of putting up current summaries of the latest Naruto chapters, that is is anybody is interested. In anycase Gaara is as angsty as any bishonen with a harsh past. Gaara was born to the leader of the village hidden in the sand. Gaara's mother died giving birth to her son and hated him for taking her life, as a result she named him Gaara, a demon who would only ever love himself. Gaara's mother wished for her son to carry the anger that she had died with and livewith only hatred and vengence in her heart. Gaara also like Naruto has a demon sealed within him, but unlike Naruto he is able to unleash his demon with a terrible fury. Gaara's aunt raised him as if he was her own son, however she never truly loved him. Gaara's aunt did not hesitate to take the opprotunity assassinate her nephew as she always blamed him for her sister's death. Gaara would learn that the assassination order came from his father as he feared Gaara's power and the demon inside. In any case Gaara's anger would grow and he would continue kill without mercy. The gourd on his back carried a mixture of sand and the blood of those he killed. It wasn't until Gaara met Naruto that he changed his ways and learned that he had never truly been alone, he had companions beside him who did care for him; and soon Naruto and Gaara became friends. Eventually Gaara would take his father's place as Kazekage, leader of the Village Hidden in the Sand. Gaara became a much more gentler and kinder person trying to make those who feared him become his friends and trust him as leader; promising never to hurt his people again. The group Akatsuki kidnapped Gaara hoping to harvest the demon inside of him, this would lead to Naruto running to Gaara's rescue. It was at this incident where Gaara lost his life, only to be brought back to the world of the living by a member of his village who sacrificed her life for his. When Gaara opened his eyes, he saw Naruto and all his friends who cared for him standing there waiting for him. Gaara is my all time favorite character from Naruto with Iruka-sensei running in at a close second. Anyway let me know if there is anyone out there interested in Naruto chapter summaries, if so I will post chapter 312 when it is released.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Otaku Corner will be attending Otakon 2006

Otakon 2006

Just a quick little note to you all that Otaku Corner will be attending Otakon 2006 in Baltimore MD August 4th - 6th. I will personally update every night to bring you the latest news and licenses from the floor of Otakon. I hope many of our readers will be there to celebrate at the largest US anime convention. For more information about Otakon please visit www.otakon.com. Hope to see you all there...><....I'm so excited.....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fruits Basket Chapter 128! {At last!}

Kyo and Tohru reunite! ...Kind of.

{Sorry I've not had time to translate it yet. I'm really busy today so I plan on doing my usual full summary either later tonight or tomorrow.}

After a few panicky days the scans are finally out!

We've got a great new colour image of Tohru and Kyo to start with this time. We're starting to see a new side to Tohru too, she's left her childish looks now and has gone for a new red dress. I love the way Kyo is holding her hair here, he looks so protective.

Anyway we start this chapter with Kagura noticing Kisa stood outside looking like her usual nervy self. When Kagura asks what she's doing outside we find she's waiting and giving her support to someone. Kagura asks who but we change scene before she can reply.
Cut to Akito's room in which Aki is sat infront of Hiro reading. They talk for a short time about Hiro, Aki says how he's not that strong or smart but always tries to keep a grasp on his dreams. As Hiro is about to speak Aki shuts her book and goes to the window saying she didn't hate it.

The next day and Yuki, Kyo and Haru are on the roof talking. Aki has called for all of the Jyuniishi to meet at the main house, including Kyo this time. All she's said is there is something she wants to talk to them about and so they'll meet in a weeks time.
As Yuki wonders what it could be fore Haru says that with her sudden change it might be something good. Yuki mentions that her change has caused a lot of comotion in the estate, the inside members not knowing what to do and Haru says it's what they deserve. They wonder if Aki is dealing with it on her own and when Haru asks how Shigure is doing Yuki tells him hes been out a lot.
They both seem to come to a conclusion at that leaving Kyo to wonder what it is.
Yuki simply tells him he remembered something when hearing the stupid voice of Kyo and the neko says he's been less and less forgiving of him recently.
Yuki merely replies that teasing is thought of as a way of expressing affection and appologises.
Kyo tells him not to bother and to just tell him what he'd remembered, and Yuki tells him that Tohru will be discharged tomorrow.
Kyo rushes off and we see he's gone to find Saki and Arisa, leaving Yuki and Haru to talk about how the neko house is being torn down now and maybe now hes a bit freer he might get Tohru. Yuki says how nice that would be and we cut to Kyo, Saki and Arisa.

He asks the girls if its ok for him to go meet her when Tohru is discharged. Saki and Arisa {who it seems is still there after last chapter} once again can't resist taking a little jab at Kyo while he's there saying how the "Prince" is too soft and spoils their fun. When he asks again Arisa tells him its fine but not to be surprised if she runs away seeing as she thinks she's been rejected. Kyo says he'll do all he can and Arisa asks his opinion on what would be best for her {Tohru}. They're going to buy her some clothes as a gift for being discharged, Kyo however has no idea and Uo tells him its part of being a man. Kyo says its a little weird and perverted though and Arisa suddenly rethinks, saying she might not wear it if she knew it was from Kyo seeing as he "rejected" her.

We skip to the student council room where we find Machi and Yuki together. Yuki thinks how he envies them {Kyo/Tohru} and Machi tells him she's done her work. Yuki is a little dazed though and takes a while to reply. He thanks her saying how quick she was at getting it all done and Machi tells him she pushed herself a little. Yuki thinks about how Tohru knows Kyo isn't like normal people but has still accepted him and starts to think about himself.

As Machi is about to leave Yuki grabs her and stops her, he tries to ask her something but Kimi makes an unwanted appearance asking about her brush, Kakeru says maybe she left it at her house but Kimi tells him she takes it with her everywhere. She asks Machi is she's seen it who replies she hasn't and so asks Yuki only to get the same reply.

As Kimi continues Yuki thinks how he must tell her. He wants them to be together so has to tell her but isn't sure if she'll accept it. {The curse!}

Night time and we see Akito stood at the window Shigure is with her and asks what she plans to acheive by calling everyone together, he asks if she wants to have a banquet. Akito remains silent but soon replies says she's going tell them what has to be said, and that shes going to end it.
Akito remembers Hiro telling her he's been freed from the curse and says she's going to tell them all of it. {About the free ones?}
Shigure says that it's good if it'll make her happy and Aki asks if he's relieved about being free from her. She says he should go away soon, and that she'll be relieved from his sarcasm and is tired of being made to look stupid. Shigure comments that her temper hasn't seemed to change with her and as Aki turns around saying something Shigure tells her he's not making her look stupid but simply giving her a hard time.
Shigure tells her that its a parting gift and Akito looks upset. {As seen on the page to the left.}

Finally the days comes for Kyo to see Tohru, he thinks how its bad that he's nervous and wonders if its because he gets to see her at last. He decides its a good thing hes {Yuki} not there to see him so nervous.
He thinks back to what happened in the kitchen a little while ago that same day. Yuki shouts to him making him jump. He asks why hes not left yet if he wants to meet Tohru. Kyo asks if hes going too but Yuki says Kyo wouldn't want anyone there to interfere with their meeting at last. He says hes got something very important to do anyway so tells Kyo not to mess things up.
Kyo decides to just be his normal self around her but can't remember what he was like when he was with her in the past. He wonders if she'll accept after thinking she'd been rejected and thinks if he really loves her. He tries to think what part about her he loves and how much.

His thoughs are cut off as he's shocked to see Arisa and Saki are already there, Arisa calls someone and we finally see an almost fully healed Tohru!
As he sees her he realises that it doesn't matter at all because he simply loves her so much.
As he calls her name Tohru blushes and...
...pelts it down the road flinging her papers into the air.

Kyo falls to his knees laughing, saying what an amazing way that was to run off. Arisa and Saki also seem amused at Tohru. Kyo stands though, this time determined not to let her go. He declares that he's the faster runner and follows Tohru, leaving Saki and Arisa to watch. Kyo thinks that he won't let Tohru get away.

Cut to Yuki at home, he is calling Machi. Once she picks up he appologieses for waking her, asking if shes free today at some point. He tells her that there's something he has to let her know.

Back to Kyo and he says it hurts how much he wants her to belong to him. He shouts after her that someone who's just healed shouldn't be running like this.

Banner: Yuki and Kyo. A happy future doesn't just come along, you have to reach out and grasp it.
And unfortunately we have to wait until the 5th of July for the next chapter in issue 15 of Hana to Yume. T.T

My Thoughts:
At long last! We finally get to see Tohru again.
I really loved this chapter, it has just the right mixture of comedy and drama this time. I love the way Tohru runs away from Kyo, flinging the papers into the air.
I'm really anxious for the next chapter now. We know its going to be a mix of Kyo/Tohru and Yuki/Machi for sure. I really want to see if it is the curse Yuki is going to tell Machi about. I get the feeling she'll accept it pretty easily, she doesn't seem like the type so hate him for it.
I was really impressed with the symbolism in this chapter too.
We have Tohru in a red dress, signifying the presence of Kyoko still there and also how much she's grown. At the begining all we see her in is white or pink, showing her innosence and now to suddenly have her in a red dress that seems to come from Rin's closset shows how she's shed her childish nature and really grown. The "pink" Tohru would have never been able to have such deep meaningful feelings for Kyo as she does now, it shows she's now capable of going into adulthood and having a real relationship.
Also with Kyo now running after her. We can see this linking back to three things, one with his relationship with Kyoko's death, how he had the chance to go after her but didn't and so he lost something dear to him. We also see this linked to chapter 120 {?} where he runs away and Tohru follows, this time it is Kyo who must follow Tohru.
And finally the day Tohru got lost. He couldn't find her then but now without Yuki there it is his mission to finally bring her back and fufill his "man's promise".

As usual scans hosted by yours truely, courtessy of BillWang and Hana to Yume. {hopefully they'll be quicker with the scans next month.}

Monday, June 05, 2006

ES - Eternal Sabbath

Ryousuke Akiba & Mine Kujyou

I figured while we are all waiting for Fruits Basket, I thought I would post a little about this new manga, ES, being released by our good friends at Del Rey (Hi Dallas). Actually I am supposed to be studying for my dosage exam which I write on Thurs through next Wens. I only get five chances to pass it and if I don't then I am out of the nursing program, horrible ain't I....lol. Ahem anyway ES or Eternal Sabbath is the latest offering from Del Rey Manga and written by Fuyumi Soryo, the author of Shoujo fan favorite Mars (released by Tokyopop). ES however is anything but Shoujo, more of a Sci-fi, suspense, drama if anything. Now I must say this is not usually my cup of tea, but being a long time fan of Mars, I thought what the hell and picked up volume one which was just recently released. The story was quite engaging to say the least, ES revolves around a young man named Ryousuke who has the ablilty to alter the memories of people he meets, so much so that he can pretend to be there best friend or long lost grandchild and whatnot. Ryousuke never uses his ability for malice mearley as a means of survival, nothing more and nothing less. Occasionally though he will come across people like Dr. Mine Kujyou whose mind he cannot control or change at will. For me what makes this story so interesting is the mystery surronding Ryousuke himself, he neither helps nor hurts mankind, he just exists among them, trying to get by. The chemistry between him and Dr. Mine doesn't hurt as well, watching the two of them together is fascinating in of itself, simply because she does not know what to make of the situation. Mine is aware that Ryousuke is lying, but who can she tell, Ryousuke will just alter someone's memories to make it seem like she is the liar. I have to say the chemistry between them sizzles and makes for some interesting drama. As for Soryo-sensei's art work it is a massive improvement from her earlier work in Mars, I must say I was impressed greatly. For all my gushing about ES though all I can do is hesitantly recommend this series until I have read further installments. I can see this story getting real interesting and I admit I am dying to read the next volume, however there is the off chance that this series could fall flat on it's face (Not that I think it will mind you). Otherwise, I would say borrow it from your library just to give the first volume a try. It may not be everyone genre, but if Shoujo's your taste then check out Soryo-sensei's Mars series to familarize yourself with her work; then just for fun give ES a try.

P.S - This goes without saying but all images posted on this site belong to there respective owners and in this case Fuyumi Soryo and Del Rey and whoever else has rights to this manga. But I am sure you all knew that already:)

Fruits Basker Chapter 128 crisis!

Having a little trouble right now laying my hands on the scans for this chapter. Without them or the mag I'm afraid the summary will have to wait. If any of you manage to get a hold of the scans for this chapter I'd love for you to send them to me.
So far I only know a little from some sources about the chapter.
It hs been released but there seems to be no scans up on BillWang yet.
Akito talks with Hiro at last and a few of them talk about how Akito has changed. We also get a Saki/Kagura meeting too. Kyo does meet Tohru though, she runs off and he follows her this time.
Also seems next chapter might be a Yuki/Machi chapter again. He called her in 128 saying he needed to ask her something, so maybe he's going to tell her about the curse?
Oh and it won't be out in issue 14 of Hana to Yume I'm afraid, we're going to have to wait a month for 129. T.T

Hopefully I'll be able to get the scans soon so keep an eye out for the summary. ^^