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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone!

The easter bunny wishes you a happy easter!

From both of us at Otaku Corner happy easter!
I hope you've all gotten lots of easter eggs or gifts!
My lovely parents got me a digital cam and a new outfit for Seph. So here's my special little easter bishie for you all.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bishounen of the Month.

With Otaku away for her Spring Break thingy you guys have in the US, I've been left with the job of selecting our bishie of the month; easy...?
Picking one guy to be this months bishie seemed like a simple job for me but then I realised I had two favourite bishies this month on my mind.
At first I was going to have Ashura from CLAMP's RG Veda, but then I suddenly remembered that lovely voice belonging to the sexiest Rabbit alive, Aki.

And so this months Bishie would've been Ashura but I've been drawn to the lovely pet rabbit of Sensitive Pornograph.

He's about 18 years old and has recently been kept as pet, locked in the closet and gagged. After being taken care of, he leaves his master and starts school again.
So why did I chose Aki?
Mainly because I can't resist a cute silver haired bishie, but it's also because of his expressions and voice. At times he has such a sad expression yet seconds later it seems that being a slave is something he expected to happen to him. He's definitely the most seme like uke I've ever seen, it's only when he's with someone that he does become fully uke. His voice gives the same said impression his expression does, quiet and soft but barely any emotion in it at the same time.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Anime Review - Wedding Peach

Wedding Peach and Viento

Well as spring break is upon us, and before I leave for vacation I thought I would put up a review of Wedding Peach. I have to say I bought the Season one and two box sets on a whim. I saw them on overstock.com for 24 dollars each. You can't beat that price, and boy it was worth every penny. My interest was piqued due to the Sailor Moonish look that Wedding Peach had, and though the story shares some similar motifs, it's still fresh and exciting enough to warrent a watch through. Having said that I have fallen in love with Wedding Peach and her friends, the story is pure shoujo, full of romance and magical girls. Our story is about a young girl named Momoko who is a human with the blood of an angel. Momoko transforms into the love angel Wedding Peach along with her friends Angel Lily and Angel Daisy; in order to fight the evil Queen Raindevila and her evil devils. Along the way Momoko falls in love with soccer player Yousuke Fuma, whom is also a devil (although neither is aware of the fact). In any case I am giving you a really brief and quick summary, there is much more to this story then my brief review. Overall the stories are very Sailor Moon like with the Love Angels fight the monster of the week and what not. This anime is not for everyone as like Sailor moon the magical girl transformation sequences and attacks are super repetitive; and the dub although is excellent, the voices can get a little annoying. I personally think wedding peach is a great watch on one of thos lazy Sunday afternoons, it's not a thought provoking series; it's just great fun. If your looking for more serious and thoughtful anime, then look elsewhere, otherwise just give it a try. Overall the ending was one of those feel good endings with 51 episodes and an extra 4 episodes of OVA, you can't go wrong. On a practical and objective level I would score this series a 7.5 out of 10, because really there is not a lot of substance here. However on a personal level this anime gets a 10 out of 10 since it's won a place in my heart....don't cha know...(lol...a little wedding peach humor).

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fruits Basket Chapter 125!

Well it looks like we're back to another student council chapter again it is good to see a Yuki/Machi chapter after so long.

In the student council room Kakeru is asking Yuki if it's true that Tohru is in hospital, Yuki looks a little shocked that he didn't already know and asked how he heard. Kakeru tells him that he overheard his classmates talking about it after Kyo's near execution with Hana and Uo. Yuki explains that Tohru had an accident as Kakeru asks if Kyo had been the cause of it. Most likely assuming so from the way Kyo has been acting.
Kakeru then asks if Yuki's stressed and if he'd like to cry on his chest, and Yuki responds by threatening to throw Kakeru into the sun.
Yuki thinks to himself how things have changed inside himself and he's proud of it. He knows it due to his new friends; Kakeru and the others.
Kimi interrupts his thoughts by asking what Tohru really was to Yuki and to his shock Kakeru answers for him telling her Tohru was Yuki's heart's Mom.
This confuses Kimi and she assumes he meant girlfriend but Yuki tells her that's wrong and so ends up confusing her even more.
After school they go shopping together to help Kakeru buy something for Tohru as a gift. He settles on buying her a rock CD explaining that if he doesn't know what to get someone he buys them what he'd like to get. Yuki asks if Kakeru is going to visit Tohru at the hospital and Kakeru replies that he's going for both he and Komaki if it's ok with Yuki. Yuki agrees but secretly didn't want Kakeru to meet his family considering what he was like. {Ugh two Ayas together.} At that moment Kakeru shouts out to Yuki about the pornography corner. {Yeah, really don't want that meeting Ayame.}
When they leave Kakeru asks if Yuki wants to go with him but Yuki says he was planning on going tomorrow but quickly thinks that maybe he shouldn't go with him at all. Kakeru tells Yuki not to come with him as he's a different person around Tohru and it's embarrassing. As the split up Kakeru tells Yuki he's really hung in there and did well recently. Yuki once again thinks of how he used to be but now he's got people to rely on and be concerned for him.
After they go their separate ways to go home Yuki sees something in the window and instantly thinks of Machi. He asks the shop keeper if the item is authentic and buys it when the man says it is. After he's paid for it his cell phone rings. Surprisingly it's Machi who says she wants to give something to Yuki. He asks her to wait where she is after finding out where in the city she is and says he has something to give her too.
He finds Machi looking rather lonely waiting for him and she instantly apologizes for causing him trouble and had been thinking of giving it to him the next day, it's another gift for Tohru but she wanted Yuki to give it to her as it would seem weird for her to give it. It's a bath set for stiff shoulders and backs to which Yuki asks if she'd tried it before and liked it, remembering what Kakeru had said about buying something he would want if he didn't know what to buy. Yuki quietly comments on how like brother and sister they really are.
Machi then gives him the gift she got for him; a bag of fertilizer. She explains she'd remembered him saying how he needed some earlier and wanted to give it to him today so it kept it's "freshness". {The shop keeper had been teasing her and told her that it didn't last long.}
Yuki thanks her for the gifts and then gives her the Mogeta plush he'd bought for her. As Machi looks at the plushy Yuki can only say how her face looks like Mogeta's. She hugs it and thanks him for it.
As Yuki is about to say something her bag flies away, Yuki goes to get it and as he picks it up Machi begins to speak to him.
She wanted to thank Tohru for looking after a certain president and it made her happy, so she wanted to thank her. She says that she's really happy that Yuki was like the way he was when he met her because it was due to him being that way that he talked to her. She ends with saying that she's really happy that Yuki is here.
Yuki remembers how Haru once mentioned that it seemed like Yuki was like that {weak} because he had someone to find. He quickly realizes that that someone is Machi. As both of them begin to cry Yuki thanks Machi for finding him.
As it looks like they might be going in for their first kiss, it suddenly skips to the hospital where Ayame sneezes. Kakeru has taken to calling Ayame "Commander" and suggests that seeing as they're at a hospital maybe he should get checked over. Ayame refuses saying a single sneezes is from someone talking about him and that only Hatori is permitted {to examine} his body ><.
As his usual blunt self Hatori suggests that maybe Ayame should get his head checked out instead and Kakeru asks what he has to eat to become as cool as him.
Takaya's side note mentions that they're waiting their turn to visit because of a visitation rush and the room being small.
Afterwards we cut back to Yuki and Machi, now both smiling at each other lovingly, realise they were like two people on the edge of the world crying together. And so linking hands they leave the station together, Yuki thinking how a miracle like being together can make you so happy.
Banner on the side: Amidst so many people, the miracle of being able to find and be found by the one you really need. Someday, for you too...
Next chapter: 2nd May

My thoughts:
I was hoping for a Kyoru chapter and when I saw it was a student council chapter I was ready for a filler but this definitely surprised me. It's so nice to see another Yuki/Machi moment after so long since the last. I loved that Yuki got Machi the Mogeta plush and am so glad that they've finally gotten together at long last. It would've been nice however to see if they'd kissed or not. I'd seriously not expected Yuki to be so forward, though it's good to see at least one of the guys in this manga has enough back bone to at least hold a girls hand.
It really is a shame it's ending soon, unless Yuki is freed I would love to see how Machi deals with his curse.
Fave moments from the chapter:
It's got to be either the way Machi copies Mogeta's face when she first receives the plush, or when they walk off together holding hands. <3

And now for the first time on this site I give you the whole chapter:
{Hosted on my own account and courtesy of Billwang.net}

This years must watch yaoi.

Sensitive Pornograph
{Sorry went picture mad on this one. ><}

At long last this wonderful dvd is being sold outside of Japan!
It is an hour long anime covering two of the stories featured in the manga; Sensitive Pornograph and House of the White Rabbit.

The first is about Seiji and his considerably older lover Sono {who was rather surprisingly, the uke!} who are both manga artists. It includes a short flash back of their past meeting and follows them as they over come the rumors spread by other artists about Sono. {Featured top left}

The second story is of a student whose part time job is to look after pets. He's hired to pet sit a rabbit called Aki-chan, and of course is shocked when Aki turns out to be a bound and gaged uke in the closet. Things heat up quickly when it's revealed Aki's owner has lured him here to "take care of" Aki. {Middle & bottom left}

This short but excelent anime is my favourite so far, the art is impressive for an anime and the Japanese voice actors do an excelent job , especially on my favourite; Aki. Despite the DVD being subbed it is definitely worth the money, even more so if you've read the manga.
The manga can be found at the scanlation group Nakama, and you can now buy the DVD at Anime Nation.

How might we serve you?

Hoshi no Yakata
by Tori Maia

This series is by far one of my all time favourites for yaoi. If you like a good lot of BDSM and lovely ukes then this is for you.
The Hoshi no Yakata or more commonly know as the Palace of Stars is a secret suburban club frequented by mostly students. It's a place where they can fufill their deepest desires. Of course, it's also a place for those who have no where to go, no to come as guests but employees.
The first volume of the five in the series focuses on a number of different side stories. {And it seems the Palaces looses a lot of their staff in this volume too.}
A side from these quite romantic one-offs {yes BDSM can have romance too!} we also get to meet the majority of the main characters in the series.
Sumiya is the number one master at the Palace, though even he has problems when he falls in love with one of his regular guests. He is soon heart broken when he discovers that his guest only comes to him because he sounds like his other master. This quickly becomes one of the key plots as we learn that the guest, Yuuki, is also an employee at Airenrou or the Tower of Compassion and Sumiya goes to work there for a week.
We also get to meet Kaoru and Shaoron a slave turned master and a previous slave of the Tower. We follow them as Kaoru struggles to accept Shao's love at first then soon become lovers while still working.
Later as we near the end of the series we meet the manager {soon to be ex-manager} of the Tower, Fei Ye and his brother Fei Fa.
The series follows these masters and slaves as they experience true love and heart ache mixed in with a good deal of BDSM.
For fans of Maia's other series "Sadistic Boy" this is a must. The art style is very unique to her manga alone and little varies in style between the two series. If you've read Dr Ten and are looking for something more then this is definitely for you.
YOu can find this yaoi at Game over or Continue: http://mitglied.lycos.de/gameoverorcontinue/index.php?site=ongoing/hoshi
They're just putting up the final volume. This group also has Maia's Sadistic Boy.