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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Well I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year, well one day early. The above picture represents the changing of the year from the Rooster (Kureno) to the Dog (Shigure). I must say I am somewhat disappointed with this picture, especially comparing it to last years picture of Kureno and Ritsu which is HOT HOT HOT. I guess however considering how well Shigure and Kureno get along this picture is pretty appropriate. Ah well here's hoping that Shigure gets over Kureno sleeping with his woman, and that Kureno and Arisa finally hook up. Happy New Year Everyone and best wishes for the coming year.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fruits Basket Chapter 122

Kyo and Tohru share a kiss.

Well it's been a while since I have updated my blog and I know I promised to put an update of Fruits Basket chapter 120 however chalk it up to an extremely busy holiday season. So now I am back with Fruits basket chapter 122. This chapter starts off with Akito screaming for help due to Tohru's fall off a cliff. Yuki and Shigure are the first to here Akito's cries for help and arrive on the scene, Kyo also hears Akito's cries from a distance. When Yuki and Shigure arrive Akito begs Shigure to help Tohru, screaming the Tohru is not moving. Yuki then turns to go call an ambulance and Akito points Shigure to the place where Tohru has fallen. Shigure then goes on to ask if Akito was responsible for Tohru's fall to which Akito responds that she had nothing to do with Tohru's fall, Akito then goes on to confess that she is responsible for stabbing Kureno however. Yuki then returns asking Shigure to recieve the ambulance when it arrives while he goes to check on Tohru. Shigure drags Akito with him back to the house and proceeds to call the Sohma main house. Shigure calls Hatori and lets him know what's going on and that Akito is with him, Shigure then inquires about Kureno. Meanwhile Kyo having returned to the house overhears Shigures conversation with Hatori and hears that Tohru has fallen off a cliff, Kyo then runs out of the house in search of Tohru. Meanwhile Shigure covers Akito with his jacket and tells her that Kureno is ok, leading Akito to tears. Back outside Kyo reaches Tohru's side, falling to his knees beside her Kyo reaches out to touch her only to have Yuki tell him not to touch her, that she has hit her head pretty hard. Kyo the stares at the blood on his hands and cannot help but remember Kyoko's accident. Meanwhile an unconscious Tohru hears someone crying and at first thinks it is Akito, the she realizes it is Kyo. Tohru then dreams of Kyo walking away and she chases after him wanting to tell him that no matter what she is happy that they met and that didn't realize that the meeting between her and Kyo was a source of great pain for him and regardless she was very happy that they met. Tohru comments on all the things she loves about Kyo, his smile, how he was so gentle and how he looked when he was embarassed. Tohru goes on to say that Kyo became so precious to her and that she never wanted him to go anywhere and that sadly her feeling only caused Kyo so much pain. Tohru goes on to say that everything be it happy or sad must always come to an end and that she wants Kyo to go on living and never wants him to give up, she wants him to keep on living even if she will not be by his side. Tohru then becomes conscious only to see Kyo's crying face, Tohru tells him that it's all right and hopes that what she was thinking earlier had reached him somehow, someway. Yuki runs off to greet the approaching ambulance and Kyo tells Tohru to lie still and not to move. Tohru keeps wishing that her thoughts have reached Kyo and Kyo then leans down and kisses Tohru.

My Thoughts

Good Lord what an intense chapter. The next chapter will not be released until sometime in the beginning of March. Quite frankly this was a shocking chapter so much so that I am at a loss for words. I am happy that Kureno is gonna be ok, however it makes me wonder then is Tohru gonna get sacrificed here. I still feel no sympathy for Akito, to me she still has done way to much to the Zodiac members for me to symapathize with her. In anycase I hope Takaya sensei will not kill off Tohru especially now that Kyo seems ready to accept her love. That would seriously be tragic. In any case leave me your comments as usual. I am sorry I really just don't know what to truly make of this chapter.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bishonen of December and January

Ginji Amano and Ban Mido

Well I had no plans of having two bishonen of the month but since I missed December I decided to put up two lead men and who better the the Getbackers themselves. Truthfully these days I am really into Getbackers, I absolutely love this anime and can't wait to start reading the manga. Anyway these two look absolutely delicious in this picture. Ginji Amano and Ban Mido run the Getbackers recovery service, they get back whatever was stolen for a small fee. Unfortunetly for Ban and Ginji they have very little luck when it comes to money, as they never have any....lol. Anyway Ginji is the former lightening emperor of the limitless fortress; Ginji has control over electricity and his innocent demeanor hides a very strong fighter. Regardless Ginji is a very kind, gentle and somewhat clueless individual. On ther other extreme we have Ban Mido, who has the power to create illusions good or bad through his Jagan eyes, his hands also contain 400 pounds of pressure his other weapon. Ban is extremely intelligent, self-centered and greedy, usually Ginji tends to be his concious and moral compass. It is said that before Ban and Ginji were friend they had a pretty big fight outside the limitless fortress; who won that fight has yet to be revealed. Dr. Jackel is also waiting to find out who won between Ban and Ginji so that he can fight who the victor was. Regardless who won Ban and Ginji are great friends now always sensing when the other is dangerous. Theyare the perfect team whose strengths and weaknesses complement one another.