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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Honey and Clover best anime of 2005?

Honey and Clover

Well this is the anime I am currently into and I cannot just stop gushing about how great this anime is. I have so far seen the first 13 episodes and all I can say is wow. Alot of people have been comparing this anime to Fruits Basket, as it has a great blend of humor and heart wrenching drama. This anime is about the intertwining lives of five students attending a local art college, what ensues it hilarity and drama. Comparing this to Fruits Basket (which is my all time favorite anime) Honey and Clover is just as good. Where Fruits Basket fails in realism, Honey and Clover succeeds. Tha's not to say that the things that Tohru said in Furuba were not true, but I find Honey and Clover the situations are so realistic that you can really relate to them. For example a character named Yamada(pictured in the 9th square above) is hopelessly in love with a fellow student named Mayama(pictured in the 10th square). Mayama in turn is in love with an older woman who is is pining away for her dead husband. The sad part of it all is that Yamada doesn't understand why she loves Mayama, and knowing he won't return her feelings, she doesn't understand why see just cannot turn her feelings off. In episode 13 she tries dressing up real pretty and tries to look more mature and sexy hoping Mayama will notice. Mayama just comments how nice she looks as he usually does and Yamada cries realizing nothing will change his heart. She even says why does she keep dreaming without ever tiring of it, saying that she should of ended her love for Mayama but she could not break her feelings. I feel this hits pretty close to home because how many times have we had an unrequited love? How many times have we tried to pretty ourselves up looking for some kind of acknowledgement? How many times have we pined away for someone? How many times have we tried to break are feelings for that person? Episode 13 made my cry a great deal because I could empathize with Yamada, her heartbreak and her sadness. Another character named Hagu (pictured in the 5th box) suffers from isolation and loneliness amoungst her peers due to her genius and eccentricity. Hagu uses her guardian/sensei as her shield often not leaving his side, but slowly she learns to open with with a few select others. Hagu's situation also hits it on the mark as far as how many times have we wished to be accepted and wanted, brought me back to high school watching Hagu? Although Fruits Basket made me sad in some parts, it never made feel that I could relate to any the characters the way I can in Honey and Clover. All I can say that this is a thoroughly enjoyable anime and one that should not be missed.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Review of Victorian Romance Emma

Victorian Romance Emma

Well I just finished watching Victorian Romance Emma, this is a twelve episode anime and must say I really enjoyed it. Victorian Romance Emma is based on the manga of the same name by Kaoru Mori. The story is a nice change from all those fighting, over dramatic, over done animes. The story is about a young maid named Emma living in Victorian England who falls in love with a member of the British gentry, a man named William Jounes. The love between Emma and William is looked down upon simply because she is a maid and he is expected to marry into nobility. Much to William's dismay most of his family and most especially his father disapprove of his releationship with Emma. Throw in a girl from the gentry and you've got a genuine love triangle. The question is will William choose love and marry Emma, or will he choose duty and marry the girl from the upper classes(I think her name was Elenanor, I forgot). Unfortunetly tweleve episodes were not enough to contain this anime and the ending although not too sad leaves me craving more. I hope there will be a second season as they ended the anime somewhere in volume two of the manga. Emma is a nice slow paced anime, with interesting characters and a simple yet an intriguing story and a plot with depth. Prejudice and class differences are issues explored in this story. One thing I found interesting was that William's father stated that England was actually two nations instead of one. William's father stated that the difference between the nobles and the working class were essentially two different nations in England and that one should never marry somebody who is not from your nation. In any case if your looking for something different this is great series to check out on a Sunday afternoon. Just try not to be too disapponted with the end as the manga goes beyond the anime ending. Rating - 8.5/10

Fruits Basket Chapter 112 and 113

Kakeru and Komaki

Well both these chapters I found boring and really uninteresting. In Chapter 112 we are introduced to Komaki (she sort of looks like a young version of Kana), she is Kakeru's girlfriend. In any case the importance of this chapter is that Komaki's father was the other car involved with Tohru's mothers accident. Komaki's father also died in the accident as well, he died instantly on the spot. Kakeru talks to Tohru in the school hallway and she remembers the time that Komaki and Kakeru came to visit her on the death of her mother. The other important point in this chapter was that Yuki gives Machi a present, he gives her a small Mogeta collectable. In chapter 113 we have Yuki going for dinner at Kakeru's house, where he is introduced to Komaki. we learn the Komaki loves to eat meat. Yuki is also concerned that if his ties with Tohru will be upsetting for Komaki, to which Kakeru says that Komaki knows Yuki and Tohru are friends and everything is ok. Kakeru has a flashback of when he and Komaki went to visit Tohru and he pulled her aside and told her that she was not the only one who is suffering and unhappy and to stop thinking that she was the most unfortunate. Kakeru then tells Komaki what he said to Tohru which causes Komaki to burst into tears, knowing he only said what he did for her sake. Komaki was unhappy with Kakeru measuring people's sadness misfortune and at the time Kakeru could not understand why Komaki was crying. Kakeru felt they had always shared the same viewpoint, and as he told Yuki, Yuki asked him he must have felt lonely with that realization. Kakeru said he did feel lonley but he is slowly learning. Kakeru really loves Komaki a great deal. Kakeru does have another flashback from earlier in the moring where he is chatting with Tohru and apologizing to her about what he said to her on her mother's funeral, saying that Komaki was upset with what he said to. In any case Komaki arrives and prepares dinner. Kakeru tricks Komaki into thinking that Yuki is a girl. The rest of the night goes on without a hitch, when Yuki leaves Kakeru tells Komaki that he wishes that if Machi and Yuki hook up the they could be relatives.

My Thoughts

Well like I said I found these chapters to be really boring and I was totally uninterested hence the short summaries. About Yuki giving Machi a gift, this is significant because besides Tohru, Machi is the only other female that Yuki has given a gift to. We also learn of how Tohru knew Kakeru as she indicated once before. We also learn why Kakeru brings such a painful memory to Tohru because of his harsh words and why she would rather forget him. I dunno I mean important information was revealed about the nature of the accident which took Kyoko's life, buy like I said these chapters just really bore me. In any case here's hoping we get some chapters on Tohru and Kyo or Akito and Shigure.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hot pic!

Kureno and Rin in changing of the year dance.

Good Evening(or should I say Good Morning), in any case just wanted to post this picture up of Ritsu and Kureno (yes that is Ritsu and yes they are both guys). In anycase this picture signifys the changing of the year from the year of the Monkey(Ritsu) to this year 2005, the year of the Rooster(Kureno). I posted this picture because I really liked it and think it's pretty hot. I have also seen the changing of the year pic of Momiji - Hatori, Hatori - Ayame, Rin - Hiro, Hiro - Ritsu, however I have yet to see a pic of Ayame - Rin(if one exists). I am real interested to see if Takaya-sensei does one next year which will be Kureno - Shigure. It will be interesting since most of us know how much Shigure really hates Kureno. I wonder what kind of pose that will be. ha ha ha....well on that note I promise I will soon put up a review of chapter 112.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Somebody emailed me saying there was some confusion on how to post a comment. If you want to post a comment please hit the comment link and choose either Other or Anonymous instead of blooger (unless of course you have a blog with blogger.com). Oh and I will soon post a review for chapter 112 of Fruits Basket. I have quiz tomorrow so hopefully on the weekend I will have it up. However it won't be so detailed as the last chapter because I did not find this one so interetsing so I will just be expressing the main points of the chapter.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fruits Basket Chapter 111 Review

Momiji kun all grown up

Well I decided that I would put up a review for Fruits Basket Chapter 111. Now mind you this is just a quick overview of the main points of the chapter. Akito has isolated herself, believeing that by doing so, the world she imagines will come true, she is told by Shigure that nothing will change even if she does isolate herself. Shigure annoyed that she is isolating herself leaves upon the arrival of Kureno. Kureno then proceeds to tell Akito that Shigure will leave her, Alito then replys that because Shigue is so cold and unkind, she no longer knows him. Meanwhile Tohru runs into Momiji at school and comments on how much Momiji has grown, to which Momiji responds that while he was smaller there was so many things he could get away with, but now he is happy that he is taller because he is a guy after all. Back at Shigure's house Kisa and Hiro arrive. Kisa who was always wary of Kyo is very proud of the fact that she has managed to greet him, stating that Kyo is a really nice person and that he is especially nice to Tohru. Back at the main house Shigure decides to meet Hatori befor he leaves. Hatori asks Shigure if he just came to visit Akito to say some nasty things to her. Hatori also tell Shigure that every time he visits Akito isolates herself more and more, and that Shigure should be nicer to Akito. Shigure just says that this is his nature and that he does not want to be Akito's father figure. Back at Shigure's house Yuki, Tohru, Momiji and Haru arrive, while they decide what to cook Tohru notices that Kyo is missing. Kisa tell Tohru that Kyo is probably in his room. Tohru then thinks back to the day that Shigure told her what the 12 zodiac members really think about Kyo. Momiji then volunteers togo bring Kyo down. Meanwhile Hiro comments on the fact that Kyo really like Tohru, to which Yuki says is that not ok. Hiro responds by saying that "but he's the cat." Haru then says that Hiro is the type that crosses the bridge that no one else is willing to cross. Momiji then finds Kyo and tells him to come down. Kyo comments on how much Momiji has grown, to which Momiji says that someday he may become taller and cooler then Kyo and is that happens maybe Tohru will acept his proposal...that is if Kyo gives up. Momiji then goes on to say that it could possibly happen that is why you should never give up. Momiji then asks Kyo if he would be upset if some guy happened to steal Tohru from him. Before Kyo can give an answer Momiji tells him to come eat and much to Kyo's shock he realizes that his feelings for Tohru have been obvious. Shigue returns home to a full house and asks Tohru how she's doing with all that's been going on, to which Tohru says she's hanging in there. Shigure then states that the one he should have dreamed of should have been Tohru and that for somebody like him, she may be a essential person. Meanwhile at Kazuma's house Rin and Kagura are arguing. End of chapter.

My Thoughts

Well I think it's kind of sad that Momiji has an unrequited love for Tohru, but I think it's very noble of him to encourage Kyo to not give up on a relationship with Tohru, regardless of the fact that he is the cat. Shigure also seems to have an interesting role in this chapter. Shigure seems to be getting tired of Akito's mood swings and tired of being her father figure. It seems to me that Shigure may be ready to move on with his life, as he and Akito grow further and further apart. Which leads me to Akito who thinks that her isolation will bring the 12 closer to her, unfortunetly for Akito this will never be the case. Hiro also seems to have grown quite a bit in this chapter as well, although I find that Hiro has always thought like an adult.

Bishonen of the Month

Yoko Kurama

I have decided to do a new section every month entitled Bishonen of the month. So to start things off I have decided that Yoko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho will be Mr. July. Why Kurama?, well he is my fav character of all time, and I absolutely adore him. A little profile about my favorite demon, Kurama is a fox demon, who was a thief who resided in Demon world. After sustaining a very bad injury, Kurama hid himself in the human world by inhabiting an unborn child who had not yet developed a soul. Kurama who calculated that it would take 10 years for him to recover planned on leaving his human mother, however during his childhood she saved him from recieving an injury and that's when Kurama realized how much his mother really loved him. Through her he learned comapssion and kindness. Of Team Urameshi Kurama is the the most intelligent and deadliest, he will wait to find an opponent's weakness before he strikes. Kurama is a demon of nobility and honor, which is why he has started off our bishonen of the month category. Well that's all I have to say, however I would love some suggestions of who should be next month's bishonen.

Good Evening

Sorry I know I would said I would keep this blog updated, but I have just been so busy with school. I know that is no excuse. In anycase I thought I would ramble about my current fav dubbed anime, Gungrave. I absolutely have fallen in love with Gungrave, this anime is great. It's got everything drama, romance, the whole nine yards. Gungrave is my latest addiction. The story centers around a young man named Brandon Heat, who with his best friend Harry McDowell, joins the Mafia. Eventually in the pursuit of power Harry betrays and kills Brandon. This leads Brandon to be ressurected calling himself Beyond the Grave, Brandon vows to get revenge on Harry. Well as for foreign anime, I have been watching Tsubasa, but I dunno, the anime does not really have me hooked, I mean the first episode was great, but it just went downhill from there.