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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bishonen of the Month - Ichimoku Ren

I know I have been pretty lousy at keeping up with the bishonen of the month article...my apologies, but school demands most of my life...sigh....So Mr. March is Ichimoku Ren from Jigoku Shoujo, I figure since I discussed Jigoku Shoujo today why not pick this handsome devil to be our bishonen of the month. Well Ichimoku Ren is a loyal servant to Enma Ai who usually can be found observing either the person who seeks revenge or the person who the revenge is focused on. It is eventually learned that our dear Ren was not a human in his past life before he joined Enma Ai. Ren was in fact a tsukumogami, an artifact which has gained consiousness. Ren was in fact a katana, a japanese sword and was given human form by Ai herself. Personality wise Ren likes to observe human nature, and seems almost voyueristic in his approach; he often has difficulty grasping the emotions and motivations of humans, possibly due to the fact that he is not human like his collagues. Whatever the reason, Ichimoku Ren is one hell of a sexy guy, don't let that innocent face fool you; when dealing out deserved revenge he can cold and unforgiving.

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

So this is a series I have been wanting to talk about for a while now, but haven't got a chance really. This is Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, the sequal to last year's Jigoku Shoujo. That's right Enma Ai and crew are back for round two an this time they are accompanied by a cute but troublsome little girl named Kikuri. I mentioned a little something about this series (see Oct 2005 and May 2006) when it ran during season one, the premise is the same in that it involves revenge of the week; and Ai doling her "ippen shide miru" line like it's candy. The episodes are for the most part hit or miss, with a majority of them being a hit. Some episodes are just so insane and shocking that you wonder what the production crew is smoking. Seriously though I really enioy this series so much and hope to see it stateside soon, maybe even on adult swim, but i can't really see it happening anytime soon. I always find it interesting to see what leads the characters to forming a contract with Ai and eventually pulling the string of the starw doll. You're always shocked at the stupid reasons why some people are sent to Hell and how undeserving the punishment can be. Anyways so far season two is much better then season one and I look forward to Ai and company to go out with a bang.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fruits Basket Volume 23 Released

So we finally have Volume 23 of Fruits Basket featuring Kyoko. I am glad she looks so happy, she must be thrilled with Kyo and Tohru's marriage. In anycase well folks this is the end of the fabulous Fruits Basket. The fanbook was also released as well. Anyhoo i feel sad and yet satisfied that we got a decent ending to our beloved fruits basket.