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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bishonens of the Month and a great new anime!

Ouran High School Host Club

Well since I completely forgot to post a bishonen of the month and wanted to talk a bit about this anime anyway, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone so to speak. In anycase let me talk a bit about the anime first, which is hilarious. Ouran High School Host Club is a very fun, and delightful anime from studio Bones. The animation colors are vivid and bright, and the story is lots of fun. This anime took me completely by surprise simply because I didn't like the manga very much; in fact I never even got past the first chapter. When my friend suggested I give the anime a try, I was reluctant to do so because I found the manga so boring. Boy was I ever wrong, watching the anime now, makes me want to go back and read the manga. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy gender bender series (Basara being my all time fave), but the manga just didn't get my attention. However now that I have seen this anime, I definately plan to go back and get the manga series. This anime kept me laughing all the way through every episode, don't get me wrong there is not a lot of depth here. The story revolved around a high school girl from a poor background attending a prestigious high school, where she encounters a host club of rich good looking guys with time on there hands(becasue they are rich). Anyway the mistake her for a guy and when she breaks there 8 million yen vase she has to work off the debt in there club. All the club members eventually realize she's a girl but keep her working at the host club while keeping her gender a secret. As you can imagine hilarity ensues, and some characters try vying for her attention, both guys and girls. Character development is pretty slow, but will hopefully pick up as the series moves on, otherwise this show is just good clean fun.

Bishonens of the Month

Well I am very late this month in posting this but in anycase I am featuring the Ouran High School Club including Haruhi. Suoh Tamaki is the blond and president of the Host Club, he is very concieted, but he brings in a lot of customers often refering to himself as King of the club, and he really digs Haruhi. Ootori Kyoya is the vice president (the one with glasses) and considered the cool type in the club, he is really very sharp and often comes up with schemes to earn the club money, like selling photogrpahs of the other members and what not (he reminds me of Tatsumi from Decendants of Darkness). Next up we have the twins Hikaru and Kaoru who like to impress the ladies by acting like incestous lovers, that is they are always hitting on each other, and if they are not hitting on each other then they are always teasing Haruhi. Then there is Honey (the one holding the bunny) he is the shota type of the group even though he's a senior, Honey acts more like a grade school kid and the ladies really dig it. Honey's good buddy is the ever serious Mori (the one with the black hair), he can often be found carrying Honey around on his back, but other then that he never smiles and always presents a serious demeanor. Last but not least there is the female member of the group Haruhi (holding the white rose), she has a natural talent for being a host and is unfortunetly stuck paying off her debt. Haruhi is in the same grade as the twins so she can often be found hanging with them when the club is not in session (Which annoys Tamaki to no end). Haruhi attend Ouran Academy due to her intelligence, unlike everyone else who can afford to go. Haruhi is often shocked by the misconceptions the rich have of the poor. In one classic scene the club members send Haruhi out to buy coffee and she brings back instant, they were so shocked by this concept calling it coffee of the commoner, and made a big production out of who was brave enough to try it......lol

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hell Hath no Fury.......

Enma Ai

I have finally gotten around to finishing Jigoku Shoujo, an anime series which I started last year but due to school work was unable to finsh watching it. With school over now, I was free to finish this series. What can I say about Jigoku Shoujo, it was a nice series which dragged big time in the middle but eventually picked up towards the end. I think I mentioned this series before, when I first started watching it. In anycase the story is about a website called Hell's correspondance, where you can at 12 midnight type in a person's name whom you wish to get revenge on. Enma Ai and her associates will get revenge on you behalf if that is what you wish, however there is as always a price to pay, and when when soul is sent to hell two graves are dug and the revenge wisher upon there death will also get a one way ticket to hell. The story was always episodic in that it was about the revenge wisher of the week and what reasons lead them to contacting Enma Ai. Eventually two recurring characters do show up, and they are always trying to find ways to stop the revenge wishers from contacting Ai and seeking there revenge; but then they also have a connection to Ai herself. In anycase some of the stories were extremely interesting in that you really sympathize with some of the characters and other's were just plan weird. Some people who were wished to hell didn't even deserve that fate, but it just showed that Ai and her associates did not discriminate about who they sent to hell. Overall it's an intriguing series which if you can get over some of the weird storylines and the episode dragging which will eventually picks up again after episode 13, it's worth checking out. While watching Jigoku Shoujo, I often questioned the morality of using the Hell Correspondance website as a means of revenge, and when one can truly get revenge is the price of going to hell really worth getting revenge?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Otaku Corner does not plagiarise.

Once again we've been accused of taking our summaries from somewhere else. So I'll address the two matters separately.

"Otaku Corner steals summaries from Gaia member."
This I had to laugh at. Seems people haven't realised yet that I am Sephiroths samurai girl on Gaia. I post the summaries on the Fruits Basket thread as well here because some people don't know about this site.
What they've also seemed to overlook is the link to this blog in my profile and my many picutes of my little Seph.

"Otaku Corner steals summaries from Shadow's site."
Once again people haven't done their homework. On most occasions we get our summaries out before Shadow has the chapter translated, usually almost a day in advance. She also doesn't do summaries, just translations of the text with small scene descriptions.
My friend and I translate the chapters and if you haven't noticed there are not one hundred meanings for each word, so ofcourse all summaries and translations are going to be similar in some ways no matter where you look. There's only so many ways you can translate "I want to see".

If you continue to make accusations I will no long post summaries for the series which means no ending for anyone and no scans.

And on that subject:

"Otaku Corner steals BillWang scans to pass of as their own."
This I had to laugh at. In past posts I've already said I use BillWang scans. And you've got to be blind to miss the huge "BillWang" water mark on the majority of scans.
Yes, of course these are my own scans, I just decided to put someone elses water mark on there for fun. {end scarasm.}
In not one single post have I ever said these are my own scans, I get them from BillWang because my printer/scanner can't deal with scanning so much. {As I found out when it decided to shut down taking the pc and my essay with it.}

I've got my first A-Level exam tomorrow and did not want to be bothered with this now. If this continues I will simply stop posting summaries on both Gaia and Otaku corner.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fruits Basket chapter 127!

Arisa and Kureno's final chapter is here!

We have a lovely pic of Arisa and Kureno on the front page. {Praying for a Uo/Kureno chapter}

We open on Akito sat with Tohru on the hospital bed, Uo and hana watch from the doorway. Uo is looking scarily manly today too.
The banners explain that Akito has started to walk her own path and that Uo and Hana still won't agree to letting Kyo see Tohru.
After hearing some news from Tohru, Saki and Uo ends up meeting Aki the previous day. As they're talking in the hall, Aki tells the two girls that although she doesn't know what Tohru has said to them, she tells them Tohru's wounds are her fault. However, as Saki explains, Tohru hasn't blamed anyone for her injuries yet.
Aki explains that she'd heard about Kureno and Uo can once again think how caring Tohru is despite her own situation. {Assuming this is the day Aki went to visit Tohru?}

Cut to the school and Yuki is somewhat scared to see a frozen from shock Kyo. Yuki asks what happened and Uo and Hana tell him that when Kyo had gone to see them to tell them he was going to visit Tohru, that had truthfully told him that Tohru didn't want to see him yet.
Of course Kyo suspects they were just teasing him as usual but when questioned Hana asks if he really thinks she would lie about Tohru's feelings to tease him. She tells him he knows nothing as usual.
Kyo remains silent long enough for Yuki to mention that he found it odd but whenever Kyo's name was mentioned Tohru would seem frightened. He says that more than not wanting to see him it's something else, but before he can finish Hana cuts him off by saying Tohru thinks she's been rejected by Kyo. {Seems she passed out before he kissed her.}
Yuki says how terrible that is and Kyo asks how it could have happened.
Once again Uo brings it back to Kyo telling Tohru she was disillusioned and that its the same as being told to go away.
Kyo instantly says that its the worst misunderstanding ever and so he must go see her asap so she doesn't think it's true. He also asks why the group are staying so quiet on such a vital matter.{Also on this page we have an add for volume 20 which also came out today.}
Uo once again gets angry at his questions saying she doesn't care about Kyos situation and that she's still upset that he made her cry.
As a raging Uo and Hana leave Yuki suggests that Kyo should go to meet Tohru the day shes discharged from the hospital. He says that once she's back home he would have thought Kyo would want to keep her to himself and so by not going to visit her until then would allow everyone to still "have" Tohru and keep a sweet bit of selfishness.
Kyo mopes once more, saying he doesn't even know how he feels and Yuki says that it is one thing in the entire world he would never want to know.
As he's not allowed to see Tohru still Kyo wonders what he should do instead for the day.

We cut to Uo and Hana once more, on their way to see Tohru again. Saki begins to wonder if they hadn't been a little too harsh to Kyo. She says that Tohru really did get worked up whenever his name was mentioned. Uo tells her that Kyo will just have to wait until Tohru is discharged from the hospital seeing as at the moment Tohru would probably run away if he went to visit her, and that for the while Tohru needed to rest and relax.
Saki asks her if she was planning on visiting Kureno while she still could and we switch to an Uo inner monolouge on Kureno.
She wonders what hes managed to acomplish in his life and what he hasn't.
We get a flash back of Akito telling Arisa of Kureno's situation, Akito still deeply upset by her past doings. She tells her that hes in the very same hospital and its because she stabbed him. She says that Kureno's forgiven her and breaks off saying she doesn't know what to do.
Saki instantly dives in and asks if Akito is a woman. She explains Kureno had said there was someone he had to stay with and she'd realised that it was Akito.
This upsets Arisa who then starts crying, probably assuming Kureno was in love with Akito. {Awww!}
IM once more and she explains it wasn't just the thing about Akito she was disapointed about but something much simlper. The fact that she'd been left out.
At that Uo hugs Akito and we cut to Arisa going into a room.

She says that through all of Kureno's 26 year long life she'd been absent for most. She felt pathetic taking so much care over just one memory of one day and that it was at the she felt disapointed.
We see that it is Kureno's room she has gone into and she goes to stand next to him. Kureno thought she wouldn't come seeing as he didn't have the right to expect such things from her. He asks her if she talked with Akito, he says theres something he still must do for her. When Arisa asks what it is he replies that he has to vanish. Because if he stays with her she will always worry about it until the end. {Assuming this "it" being her stabbing him.}
At this Arisa tells him to go where ever he wants to go, and that where he goes she will follow. A surprised Kureno looks at her as Arisa asks him if he knows why she would do such a thing. However, blushing, she tells him that she won't say it. At this Kureno give the cutest smile ever.

We skip to Kyo walking home, finding Akito stood outside Kazuma's home and asks what business he has there. At this Akito gets a little touchy, saying it was nothing that mattered and begins to leave. Kyo stops her however as there was someting he wanted to talk about. Akito brushes off the hand stopping him and tells him there is nothing for them to tlak about and that Kyo should live how he wanted to.
At this Kyo stops, shocked and confused by what Akito means, when he begins to ask Akito begins to say again but says that she hates saying things more than once.
Saki apears {yes from Kazuma's house} and asks if "A-chan" is leaving already. Of course this seriously shocks Kyo {as well as Saki suddenly appearing} and sadly Aki tells Saki that she's asked her not to call her than but Saki only says it sounds cute and she should have more confidence.
Kyo asks what Saki is doing at such a place and she tells him that seeing as Kazuma had visited Tohru she'd gone back to his home as gratitude then laughs. {Oh dear, Saki's got some ulterior motives going on there.}
At that moment Kazuma also comes out and Saki leaves to make some fresh tea. Kyo, both shocked and scared, realises they're being overly friendly to one another and then as Kazuma beings to talk to him notices that Akito is already leaving.
Kazuma tells him that he'd heard that Kyo had gone to his father's home and that the talk between the two had also reached Akito. He tells him that Aki has promised to tear down the Neko home {!}.
He continues to say that although its sorted out there will still be bitterness among his father and other members of the house and won't be as easily taken care of as tearing down a building. He tells Kyo that he's done well clearing one problem.
Saki then comes out once more and tells the two men that they should continue their talk inside where it is more relaxed.

We cut to banners once more as we see an empty room and moving boxes.
We are told that after a while Kureno really did move out of the Sohma house. He didn't say a lot to those around him and didn't take anything that he couldn't carry. He left laughing, saying it was fine having it seem like he was never there in the first place. It is just as amazing how self centered some people can get. That its amazing that some people can also be so very self sacrificing. He says that its good that those people are that, that he thinks its great they're there.

We leave the Sohma house and cross the city to a rural area, closing in on a small area with a river and blossoms falling. A hand reaches up to touch them as Kureno asks if its ok finding work out in such a rural place.
Arisa tells him thats theres no good or bad. But that this place is good and that it's no good if its not there.Kureno asks why but Arisa says she won't say. He persits asking her to tell him, saying that he wants to know.
Arisa turns around and smiles at him as the chapters end, finally able to be together at last. {And if you don't cry at this then you have no heart!}

Banner: The continuation to the words that were understood, the eternal promise that's theirs alone...

Next chapter; 128 out on the 5th of June in issue 13

My thoughts:
I am so happy she done this chapter! As some of you know I've been hoping for Arisa to visit Kureno for some time now and we finally get to see it. Although its somewhat of a filler it was done lovely and I'm really pleased it was included.
I loved seeing Akito being included in the comedy, I never thought I'd see the day when Akito would pull such faces: {"A-chan..."}

The wording was very odd in this chapter and has confused a few people. The main bit being Tohru not wanting to see Kyo.
Think about it as if you were Tohru. So you've just told the guy you absolutely love that you like him and he tells you your disillusioned and imagining it. You then fall of a cliff and miss your first kiss so still think he totally shot you down. After that, how would you feel about meeting him again? That's how I imagined it. You wouldn't really want to see the guy whos just shot you down.
The biggest bit that confused me though, was Yuki talking to Kyo about having a little cute selfishness. At first I wasn't sure who he meant but then I realised that he's talking about everyone. When she gets home Kyo is going to be selfish and keep her to himself, so by not seeing her he lets everyone else have a little of that selfishness too by having her to themselves for a little while when shes in hospital.

Its really shocking to think the series is just three chapters away from the end now. But don't fret! I have a surprise planned for you all when it's done. The only hint I'll give you is that it's going to be big and will be the final send off for Fruits Basket. See you all next time!

Scans hosted by yours truely:

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Best Anime Pick of Spring 2006 - The Winner is Nana

Takumi and Hachi(Nana)

Well I wanted to post a little comment on Nana. This is by far my pick of the best anime of the spring anime season. The story line is faithful to the manga, and animation is top notch and fluid; and the story is as it's always been engaging. I am so happy with this adaptaion of the manga that I cannot stop gushing, after last year's horrible adaptation of ParaKiss I am thrilled to see Nana is treated with much care and consideration. So far I am up to episode 6 and cannot wait for the next episode. As for other anime's that premiered XXXholic is taking it's time to warm on me. Not that they aren't faithful to the manga, but they have completely left out the Tsubasa story line from the anime, as well as Yuko's mention of X characters like Suburu Sumeragi. They did however keep the Legal Drug cameo in tact. Speaking of Legal Drug, I wish they would animate it, and that CLAMP would continue on with the story; but I digress. Somewhere in my ranting and raving I was trying to express my love of Nana. The manga is awsome, the anime is lovely and it's one worth checking out in your spare time. As for the manga VIZ has released the first two volumes under there Shojo Beat line, with volume three expected out this summer. I applaud Yazawa-Sensei, she has created a story where one can experience the joys, heartbreaks, tears and love of characters whom the reader can easily relate to and understand. Leave me a post and let me know what you feel is your pick for the best anime of the Spring 2006 season.

I'm Back

Hello Everyone, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but I have been super busy with finals this week and as today is my last day, I feel super relieved. I am super happy too because I made it into my college's nursing program which is really competative. About 1000 people apply every semester and the only accept 180, so as you can see it was a tough semester. Now if I can only pass the dosage exam. In anycase well I will try and keep up with some reviews over summer break, because when Fall roles around my fun is over....lol.....c'est la vie. Well wishing Seph the best on her upcoming exams. Good Luck.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Will be away for a while.

A-Levels a calling me.

I'm afraid I'll be away for some time after my next chapter post. The chapter is due out tomorrow and it is alsothe day I go on study leave. I will post the chapter as usual but may take some time to reply to questions you ask in "comments".
My A-Levels will last for all of next week, then I'll have a week off and then one more the week after. During the first week I will likely not be online at all but my week off I will try to reply to all comments left.
Look out for chapter 127 tomorrow with scans!
Seph ^^

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fruits Basket Chapter 126!

Chapter 126 here finally! Kyo confronts his father!

It's here at last, another Kyo chapter. Though not a Kyoru chapter we do get this amazingly cute cover page for the chapter, signifying a new volume...and the last. Yes this is likely to be the final colour page of Fruits Basket you're going to see.
Anyway, on with the summary.

We also get a cute Hiro/Kisa non colour page too to start off the chapter with the saying "I want to protect you". (Aww)

Once again we see the creepy Hana in a Kyo chapter. O.o
We open with Kyo doing yet another inner monolouge, saying how how simple a solution can be. That things can be easily acheived when you just face what you've been avoiding. However for him...
We see Kyo sadly standing outside his father's house for a moment before pulling open the door. As he does he remembers Tohru's last words to him, telling him it was alright.
Inside is his father, sitting in the dark smoking. Kyo (who shockingly still calls him father!) asks why he's not working. That most normal people would be working at this time (Assuming he's just finished school, it's going to be about 3ish) and he says that it seems the man can't keept a steady job.
Kyo's father telling him to shut up, that he's not been well recently and so is simply taking a break. Once again he seems to be putting the blame on Kyo; asking whose fault he thinks it is.
As the man talks Kyo remembers back to his mother who is sitting down supposedly crying(?) while Kyo stands next to her holding her hands.
Kyo asks if he thinks its his fault and once again his father tells him that he's right and he should just admit to killing his mother.
A short flash back to a young Kyo shows the boy looking up with cat-like eyes while the present day Kyo keeps his head down though also has cat-like eyes.
His father tells him not to think he's forgiven just because he was only indirectly involved. The voice is cut off as we focus on Kyo for a second. He says that he feels disgust, fear and dispair all mixed in together and boiling like in a pot under the pressure.
As his father finishes his shouting Kyo finally speaks. Saying it was his fault!
At this his father seems to snap laughing insanely and considerably scaring the poor young maid in the room with them. He tells the maid that she heard it too so to call the main house and let them take him (Kyo) away.
Kyo agrees with his father and the maid leaves while Kyo's father tells him to never come out considering how much guilt he has of being a murderder on his shoulders.
However as he still looks down sadly, Kyo says that he refuses and that he will not go there (the neko room) much to the shock of his father. He tells his father that he lives on the outside now and will do so indefinitely and he came to make sure the man understood that fact.
Switch to Kyo's inner monolouge again and he says that he's shaking, and that it's funny how unnatural it is. That you wouldn't normally have to declare such a thing, that he doesn't have to shake but he can't help it.
We see a flowery image of Tohru as he says that she never once looked down on him or looked at him in disgust but that she tried to help him and reach out to him.
End the inner monolouge and we switch back to a still sad looking Kyo, telling his father that there is someone he wants to be with now and for the rest of his life.
All of this seems to have angered Kyo's father and in the shadows he says that it's no good. That it's not possible for him to be forgiven or "normal".
As he screams at Kyo that he won't forgive him he throws the rather large ashtray at Kyo. He tells him that he has to pay for his sin. That it's because of him he's felt so much shame and that Kyo has ruined his life. That it's all because she (Kyo's mother) gave birth to him and he was born.
Kyo suddenly remembers something as he's shouting. Something that it seems he's kept hidden for a long time, of someone saying that for such a child to be born they should disapear. We pan out slightly on the previous flash back and see that Kyo is not alone with his mother on the floor. He remembers someone is standing over them, telling her to disapear. (Could it be his father hit her?) It seems his mother also had some trouble too.
Kyo's father shouts at Kyo again. He says that he bet they (Kyo and his mother?) enjoyed rubbing his face in the dirt and enjoyed his embarasment.
At this moment Kyo remembers everything of the moment and that it was his father standing above them shouting at his mother with his fists clenched. Kyo finally remembers that his father was shouting at them to both disapear.
Kyo, with scary white cat eyes, asks in a scaryily calm shocked state if he really said that to his mother?
Kyo's father snaps at this, pushing Kyo against the wall as he shouts. Asking if Kyo is pushing the guilt on him, that it's not his fault and Kyo forced her to do it (kill herself).
We flash back to a familiar scene of young Kyo shouting that it's not his fault.
Still Kyo's father continues, saying it wasn't his fault that this monster was born. That it was "your" fault. (Kyo's mother?)
Things become calm as we flash back once more, Kyo looking at his mother from behind as she steps up to the platform. It seems he was there when she killed herself. *Falls in plot hole*
Kyo once again switches to an inner monolouge, asking if "you" (his mother?) felt sad and alone. He asks if she felt like she was being suffocated and if she suffered. He says that he can't afford to say he'll understand when he's older because if she's dead he won't be able tog et back what was lost. He says that he wanted her to be alive but it's too late now even though he feels the same.
We see his mother spread he arms and lean forward. *Falls in another plot hole.*
He says that he didn't want her to die and that he did't want her to be thrown away while she was still alive. He calls her mother and we end the flash back.
Back in the room Kyo has pushed his father away to stop him. He tells him he won't throw anything away any longer and that he'll do what he can while he's still breathing to live.
Kyo's father begins to protest and reaches for Kyo once more but this time Kyo stops him and grabs his wrist. Kyo tells him to leave him and Kyo's father seems shocked that his son was able to stop him and finds he cannot pull away.
Rather pathetically Kyo's father starts to scream for help, crying that Kyo is going to kill him. Kyo remains silent, still holding the other's wrist as his father stills calls for someone to help him.
At that moment we skip to the main house where it seem the maid (evil bitch maid) has just finished telling Akito about the phone call and that they are to get the "moster" as his father asks.
However, we finally see the change in Akito has really taken hold. As she dresses, Akito tells the maid no, that she has to talk with his father as Kyo is now free. This greatly shocks the maid and asks if Akito is being serious to which Akito confirms. The maids goes on to ask if Aki really thinks his father will accept this, however Akito simply replies that it is what she's decided. (Yay!)
The maid tells Akito that she's changed and that she preferred her before. O.o
Akito tells her as she leaves that she can stay ther (in the past) for as long as she likes but she herself is moving forward. With that Aki leaves the maid in the darkness and heads off to see Kyo and his father.
Once again it says how simple the solution is but also difficult.
We cut back to Kyo and his father, Kyo has let his fathers wrist go and the man moves back. Kyo (or Akito) says in yet another inner monolouge, how he has it within his grasp at last as we see an image of Akito with him in the frame. He says that because of this it is even more important.
Kyo says that he'll be coming again and goes to leave. Kyo's father says, with less conviction this time, that he'll never forgive him but Kyo is already gone.
Kyo says that the resolutions between himself and his father is simple but needs a lot of time. Kyo says to himself that he has to do it...to live, and wanders down the street.
We cut to Kisa and Hiro walking together down the street, Kisa amazingly happy and smiling while Hiro is blushing. She tells him that there is nothing about Hiro that people don't like and that she's glad she was the first he came to. (It seems he's told her about being free.)
Hiro reluctantly asks that now he's no longer cursed will she still like him. This seems to make her sad and she asks in return if now he is free will he still like her? Would he not prefer someone he can be close with? It seems he can no longer hold her. T.T
As Hiro tries to tell her whats on his mind and in his heart we hear the lovely sound of someone throwing up. Hiro turns around to find Kyo behind them leaning on a lamppost and throwing up.
Hiro spazzes and asks what he's doing here while Kyo coughs. (Why is the puke glittering? O.o)
Kyo mumbles that it feels like all the tension is released like a cut rope, beside him it says self control.
Hiro says that he's not making sense while Kisa asks if he's ok now. Hiro says he must be after throwing up so much and Kisa offers Kyo her handkerchief.
Kyo looks up to see a shimmering image ok Tohru over Kisa and takes the offering, thanking her for it.
Hiro tells him that he's going to have to clear it all up, but that he'll help! Kyo says he'll do it himself but Hiro protests saying that he cares and goes with Kisa saying they can borrow some cleaning things.
Kyo looks down and Kisa's handkerchief and thinks of the image of Tohru he saw over her. He says to himself that if you see a vision then you must be sick.
We fade from Kyo with someone saying they want to see and we cut to Tohru for the last page looking out at the sky on the rooftop. Once again someone says "I want to see."
Chapter 127 20th of May 2006

My Thoughts:
Hana's definitely got something going on there in the first page, like with the previous chapters where she's known something but not let on. I think she might know about the curse somehow but not be telling anyone.
This is a great chapter, had some real revalations about Kyo's past and his father. It seems his father could have been violent to his mother. We also get to learn more about what happens when one is freed from the curse. It seems all traces of the curse are gone so they can no longer even hug the still cursed members which is sad for Hiro and Kisa.
Also I'm thinking maybe that white top Aki is wearing is how she hides her boobs. They're not that small so I'm thinking it's one of those tight ones transexuals wear before the op.
The ending of this chapter has really made me think about how badly hurt Tohru is. Instead of it saying "I want to see you" as if their talking about each other it says "I want to see" making me think that perhaps Tohru is blind or has some damage to her vision. It's probably me jsut over analysing it but considering she's facing the sky too it does seem a little suspicious. Also if you remember back to the last Tohru chapter we never got to see her face. We know her head is bandaged but we never saw the front of her face making me think maybe she is blind?
If you noticed, I mentioned two plot holes here.
Thie first being the fact that Kyo was with his mother when she died. When it was quite clearly said in volume 6 that she never let him outside after he changed into his true form. Even he remembers not being let out so why would he be there with her when she was so paranoid about keeping him hidden?
The second that I mentioned was that people said her death was an accident and that she tripped. This was clearly ignored in this chapter, there were many people on the platform with her (who weren't included in this flashback) so thy would have seen her step forward so calmly, raise her arms and fall forward. There is no way it could be made to look like she slipped.

We also learn the correct orignial way of spelling "Tohru". It is not spelt "Tooru" or "Touru" as some think but simply the boys version "Toru".

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