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Friday, July 28, 2006

Neko Fan Book Short Stories.

Thanks to FG2 for getting the scans, so I can finally translate this.

Shigure's "I can't take it so stop please".

Tohru "The wrapping paper from the end of the year gift for Shigure...is really pretty.
Even throwing the string away is a waste...I wonder if I can find a use for it..."
{And so she ties her hair up with it. ><}
"There is a use afterall.
There's no problem using the string as a ribbon...
So I'll wear it for school tomorrow...."
{Shigure comes in and grabs Tohru.}
Shigure "I'll get you some...!!" Tohru "Huh!?" Shigure "I'll get you some so spare me please...!!"
<Undeniable blood

When Ayame and Mine got out, Ayame normally puts on Mine's shoesfor her.
Student girl "That's really worrying!"
Student girl 2 "Its every time you know?! Every time!! It's reallyembarassing to watch!!"
The girls are regular customers
Student girl 2 "Mine is mine but the owner is the owner too!! Are they stupid? Little brother {otouto-kun} since you've come youshould warn them about it."
Yuki "*laughs* "Is it really that strange as to talk so much about it? "
"I think, I'm likely to do the same thing."
Ayame "What is this. You seem like you had a flaw in your awareness pointed out and are shocked, my little brother."

<"That that" Dear

Hana "Kyo, what is you father interested in? What is it he likes?"
Kyo "This girl, why hasn't she given up yet. I don't care what mighthappen; I'm going to stop her!! Even if it means I have to lie!! "
"Sorry Hanajima..."
Hana "Sorry?"
Kyo "Shishou hates women who dress all in black most!! Take that!!"
Hana "I see. *Laughs*"
Kyo "You act like its not your problem!! I'm talking about you!!What's with the laugh!!"

<Is it alright to draw someone so happy {When the actual story islike this} Chapter 74

Arisa "He seems like he wouldn't notice even if he stepped in dogpoo."
That is how Uo spoke of Kureno.If she actually saw him like that,how would she feel?
Arisa "Ah Kureno, You stepped in dog poo."
Kureno "Ah you're right, I didn't notice." *Laughs* I need to paymore attention."
Arisa "I really like this idiot."
Ah, she seems she's fine with it.

<Silence and no chance to speak.

Ayame "Did you know, Shigure, the reason Hatori and everyone else can't appear on the Drama CD!! It's come to "because he doesn't speak" It really is the end of the world!!"
Shigure "And Ayame speaks so much it gets out of hand so he can't appear."
Ayame "That's when I realised something!! If the problem is not speaking then force him to speak!! In other words, have him read a stroy book!!
Book title "Momotarou" peach boy.
Ayame "But you know!! If Hatori, who doesn't normally speak, were to read this long book and have his lovely voice go hoarse, that would be the biggest event of the Sohma family!!
So, I shall read in Hatori's place and have my voice go hoarse instead!! Once upon a time, it was surprising because an old man and an old woman was there!!"
Shigure "Why is it a fairy tale?"
Hatori "Read it quietly."
Ayame "Copy that Hatori!!"

<As long as there is love.

Today as well, Ritsu and Mitsuru have gone on a date.
Mitsuru "The wind is cold today isn't it."
Ristu "It is, maybe Hanabie has come back. Mitsuru, if you want, my shawl...ah."
"I came out wearing a furisode again without thinking!! Thank goodness. Mitsuru isn't the type of woman to worry about small mistakes."
Mitsuru "Why does he wear a furisode all the time. Its true I've not asked about his gender, but I thought he was a man, maybe truthfully...but that couldn't be likely."
Ritsu "Ah, look there are sakura over there."
Mitsuru "You're right. Lets go over and have a closer look."
They seem very happy.

<Although they are like this, they are still top of their class.

Kakeru "Lately you seem to be getting along well with Machi, but I can't admire two timing Yunyun."
Yuki "I'm not two timing."
Machi "It is not adding up."
Kakeru "I can't turn away, not as a big brother."
Yuki "Not only brother, but Kakeru too. Why do they want to act like big brothers when its about non important things.There are other things arne't there?"
Kakeru "If you are a man then you should make a clear declaration. Machi or me!!"
Yuki "You?!"
Kimi "Its Kimi isn't it? Yunyun."
Nao "It's not important so get back to work!!!"

Monday, July 24, 2006

Honey and Clover II - Episode 2

Well I thought I would try something new, I have never posted and episode summery before, so I thought I would try one for my favorite series. If people enjoy it I shall continue with the episodes for Honey and Clover II. The reason I am starting with episode 2 is because episode 1 was basically a recap episode of Season 1. Episode 2 starts of with cute little Hagu suffering from some serious hiccups. Shuji tells her the best way to get rid of hiccups is to stretch her neck over the glass and drink water from the opposite side of the glass. Meanwhile Morita comes in and notices Hagu's hiccups and scares her by saying that if she hiccups 100 times she will die. As Hagu continues to hiccup Morita begins to count her hiccups for her, to the point that she runs away scared that she will die with Morita hot on her heals keeping up the count. Takemoto standing by a fountain witnesses Morita chasing Hagu and clothes lines him...lol. Takemoto then learns from Hagu that Morita was teasing her about her hiccups. Takemoto then fills a glass with water and places chopsticks on top forming an X, telling Hagu to drink water from all of the four quadrants; this leads to her hiccups stopping. Immediately after Hagu becomes embaressed and shy and runs off. Takemoto notes how Hagu does not hang around with him no more since he made his confession of his feeling towards her, regardless however Takemoto clains he feels no regret for telling her. All the while Hagu as returned to her studio and has begin crying.

We next cut to Rika and Yamada, who is be treated to a giant sundae by Rika for all her hard work. Meanwhile Yamada stares at Rika wondering how she looks in Mayama eyes. When they return back to Rika's home and the office of Harada design, Mayama sees to there immeidate needs and Yamada comments that Mayama acts much like how a mother would act, which is something Mayama does not want to hear. Mayama then insists that Rika retire to her bedroom to rest because she was working all night and day. This leaves Mayama alone with Yamada asking her what she would like to eat for dinner. Yamada then asks Mayama what he and Rika often discuss, Mayama says that they only talk about work or the weather. Meanwhile Yamada has grown a devils wings and tail and mentions that Rika and Mayama have been together for years now and that's all they talk about.

We next cut to Morita resting against a tree(obviously done tormenting Hagu for the day....lol). Morita's brother Kaoru then shows up asking Morita how work went, to which Mortia hands Kaoru a large pile of cash. Kaoru the goes on to tell Morita that he will never be able to be like the people thet attend the college, going on to mention that there is also no one like there father who had a great talent. Morita the asks Kaoru what's the point, Kaoru replies nothing at all and then he goes on to say that there fund is almost reached it's goal. Meanwhile as Morita thinks about Hagu and Takemoto he ensures his brother that he understands. Meanwhile on campus Yamada is asking Shuji what he and Rika would discuss. Shuji comments that he would often just read to Rika and tell her stories about what he read. It got to the point that Shuji would go to the library and read like crazy just to tell Rika all these stories, this often lesd to him being praised by his teachers for studying hard. Shuji then inquires why Yamada wants to know this information, to which Yamada responds that she wanted to know what she can talk about with Rika. Shuji then tells her not to worry that the more Rika likes a person the less she will talk with them. Shuji's words disturb Yamada as she walks home, as she thinks on how little Mayama and Rika speak. The next day at Harada designs as Yamada and Mayama are discussing work, Rika immediately gets up and excuses herself as she is suffering from hiccups. In the kitchen Rika tries to try drinking water the way Harada taught her (the same way Shuji taught Hagu), however it's not working at all. Meanwhile Mayama comes into the kitchen and notices that the front of her shirt is soaked with water, noticing her hiccups Mayama mixes some sugar and water and gives it to Rika to drink, which she does, and surprise her hiccups stop. Meanwhile oblivious to Rika and Mayama, poor Yamada is standing by the opening to the kitchen witnessing the exchange. Yamada flashes back to when she was standing on the roof with Morita and she told him that she would be working with Rika at Harada designs. Morita calls her a fool for doing this and that she will only end up crying, he then tells her that if she needs to burn the image of both of them together in her eyes the so be it, he goes on to say that if this is what she need to do to get over her feelings for Mayama, then for her to go do what she needs to do. Back to the present a depressed Yamada runs to the phone and orders extra super large portions of take out. This shocks Mayama who tells her that it's 11:30 at night who can eat all that. Meanwhile Yamada scarfs down the food saying she needs the energy to do her best and the weather has been getting colder, commenting that she will eat the leftovers of Rika and Mayama's portions. As Yamada walks home she tries to convince herself that her heart won't break, but then Morita's words on the rooftop come back to her, telling her to go and cry, cry as much as her heart will alow. Yamada then breaks into tears, saying that she will never tell Mayama how Rika really feels about him, that he can figure it out himself and that he is nothing but a fool.

My Thoughts

Wow, where to begin. I have to say I am loving Takemoto's new found confidence, and how he's not a push over anymore to Morita's antics. Takemoto was really heroic in saving Hagu, but I feel sorry for him since his confession has made things awkward for him and Hagu. Hagu's tears were also heart wrenching because I am not sure what she exactly feels for Takemoto, friendship or something more. As for Yamada she has made a very painful choice here working at Harada designs. I think what Morita said to her on the roof rings true, that she is a fool, but if seeing Rika and Mayama together will help her move on, then more power to her. As for Rika and Mayama, that is a coupling that I never really liked to begin with. I also think that Mayama should be a little more sensitive to Yamada's feelings when dealing with Rika, but I guess this is the only way to help Yamada get over him. Anyway leave me your thoughts and comments.

P.S - Please excuse my job on screencaps and what not this is basically my first time trying to attempt something this ambitious, I was really trying hard to have them posted side by side, so I resized a lot of them. Just click on the screen cap to get a better look. Sorry :(

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fruits Basket Chapter 130!

Dreams do come true...

There is something I want to tell you.
Not just with words, but my fingers that can touch.

We open on the day Akito went to see Tohru. Akito tells Tohru how she was jealous of her, becuase her heart is so much more beautiful than her's is. Tohru tells her that she's not beautiful and should spit things by such things like beauty. She tells Akito that if she is beautiful then so is Akito. She carries on to say it was nearly painful how innocent and pure Akito was, by crying about how lonely and frightened she was.
She gets up from her hospital bed, telling her that she's someone who'd tried to break appart the world Akito was hoping for. She says it doesn't matter if it was right or wrong, but the fact that Akito was hurt so badly. She goes to continue but the flash back ends.

Cut to Akito as we left her last time, knowing Kyo has been freed.

Tohru calls Kyo's name, and steps back in shock to see Kyo looking the same. Once again we see the word goodbye as Akito looks up at the sky looking sad, feeling the loss of the cat. She slumps down onto her knees saying to Akira that it's ok now. She says that now she is no longer god or special, that she is going to be just Akito, its ok now.
Ok for her to begin her own life. She beins to cry and says how she's frightened and in pain and has no redeeming features.

We see goodbye appear once more as Kyo, also upset, reaches for his beads. He rips them off as Tohru also begins to cry quickly followed by Kyo. And again we see goodbye as Kyo looks up crying.

It isn't the end however, it seems the cat has been the catalyste for a chain reaction in the curse.
We skip to Ayame in the shop, he drops the book he's reading as he calls for Mine. She appears asking if he wants more tea or something as dinner won't be for a little while more. As she speaks he gets to his feet and hugs her from behind. He tells her he was born becuase he wanted to love her and now he can finally say it to her. We leave them as Mine begins to cry, seeing the words goodbye everyone as we go to the next Jyuniishi.

Ritsu drops a flower pot and his mother, jumpy as usual, asks him if he's ok and if he's hurt.

It says how parting is sad and over to Kisa who ceases play with Hiro and Hinata when she drops the mogeta doll crying.

It says that things like partings are the begining of meetings as Kagura out shoping stops in the street, looking up as she feels the spirit leave her.

It continues, saying also that when there are endings there are beginings. But those aren't things she wants to hear.
Rin is crying, with Haru who says how in its own way it's really somewhat sad. As we see Akito saying to cry with them Haru hugs Rin.

Hatori stops in the estate as Akito says that if nothing can be done about it at least cry together, looking down as we see Akito bent over on the floor.
She says how her whole body feels like its crying out. Like its blaming her for losing all that it held.

She says about the fear of living in the world once more as Shigure, one of the final ones, touches his chest as he stops walking. He says that this must be how it feels as we see Akito crying once more, saying with just a small bit of hope as her support let them cry with her.

Tohru and Kyo are hugging once more as Akito saying she wants to cry like the day she was first born into the world, Tohru still crying as we see a ghostly hand reach out to touch the flowers.

Back to the hospital visit with Akito and Tohru as Tohru finishes what she was saying earlier. Tohru tells her that she still wants to be friends with her. Akito tells her that she stubborn.

We IM with Akito once more now talking about Tohru. She says how she said believing in meetings and beginings from now on wasn't too late and that she smiled at her. She is sat on the floor, but looks up as the ghostly hand touches her head. At that moment she too is freed as the God spirit leaves her.

We cut to Yuki who in sat on a bench in town. He says how he feels odd and wonders if it's because he's nervous. Machi rushes up to him out of breath having rushed to get there appologising for being later and asks if he's waited for long.

{Just a note but the page after this is missing on my scans. But I was able to find someone online who had read it. I'll try to find it and add it to the scans later.}

He tells her it's ok, saying that she's not late and asks if she ran. Still out of break Machi denies it and Yuki laughs appologising for asking her to come out so suddenly.
Machi says its fine and said that he said he had something important he wanted to talk about. He tells her its something he definitely has to tell her.
He is cut off however as we see the God saying he's the last one.

The God thanks the little rat as Machi asks him what's wrong. He thanks him for keeping his old promise as Machi looks up worridly to see Yuki crying, the small rat going to the Gods hand to be picked up finally.

As Machi worries about him we see an image of the long haired god spirit with the rat in his/her hand taking him away, all the other animals behind saying thankyou and goodbye.

Banner: The twelve Jyuniishii's long banquet has come to an end. For the first time ever with lots of uncertainty and some hope they finally have their freedom.
Next insert Issue 17, 5th of August

My thoughts:
I really loved this chapter. It was good to see all the Jyuniishi again, espeically Ritsu after such a long time.
I'm glad we got to see what Aki and Tohru talked about at the hospital too and that Yuki/Machi moment too. Hopefully we'll see more of YuChi in the next chapter.
I think that the curse was definitely ended by the cat. No one had ever accepted the cat before, not even Kazuma's Grandpa's wife who married him out of pity. Maybe it was when the cat was finally accepted both into the family and by a lover the curse could be broken.
I'm hoping for an explanation next chapter at the meeting. They've still not met with Akito yet and I really want to see a YuChi kiss too. Hopefully we'll see how they all end up too, like partners etc.
I especially liked how Takaya got across the fact that Akito too had been traped by this curse too. Being able to live her own life, no longer being thought of a "god" instead of simply "Akito", she too had been trapped and bound by the curse as much as the others had.

Scans as usual hosted by myself. Scans from Hana to Yume. http://s24.photobucket.com/albums/c25/Seph-Noir/Fruits%20Basket%20chapter%20130/
Please email for password or Pm me on Gaia.
Sephiroths samurai girl

Regarding the scans...

Due to people on Gaia using images from my account without asking and running up my bandwidth, I will no longer be hosting the scans on a public account. If you want to read scans from any of the chapters please email me and I will send you the password. ^^

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fruits Basket chapter 129!

At last a hug!

We begin this chapter from where 128 left off from.
Tohru is still running from Kyo thinking how odd it is that she'd not planned to do thius but her legs reacted instintively.
She is soon stopped as Kyo appears infront of her, placing his hand across the poll as she thinks that she'd even decided what to do. She looks up at him blushing before screaming once more as he calls her name and running, leaving Kyo to stand there and get odd looks from the observers including a cat.
But once more he doesn't give up muttering softly and we see a short flash back of the accident as Kyo thinks how it's no good, and that everything is over and there was nothing he could do.

Cut to Yuki visiting Tohru in the hospital a short while ago. Yuki tells her to let him know if there's anything she wants. He asks her if she's ok, still worried about her but Tohru assures him she's fine.
Hesitantly Yuki tells her how Kyo has been thinking for some time but stops as soon as he see Tohru is crying. She appologizes and begins hitting herself making Yuki shout that she'll injure herself again.

Tohru puts on a brave face though and stops her crying asking how things are at home and if anything needs doing, though its clear she'd been thinking a lot about Kyo.
She says how her chest hurts and that it hurts to just hear his name spoken. She once again remembers that her called her delusional, that single word being the source of her heartache.
We skip to her up on the roof again, remembering Momiji with the toy rabbit and Arisa and Saki when they all came to visit thinking that she's no good at all and that she's bothered everyone especially Kyo. Clutching the fence she tells herself to smile, that when they meet just to smile again.

Back to the present and Tohru sits down on a low wall, saying that her practise failed. She thinks yet again that she's no good. She tried to act like she was fine but it was a lie. She'd decided that it was ok if she wasn't next to him. She looks up however, teary eyed, to see Kyo standing before her once more as she says that she really does want to be beside him. He moves towards her as she tells him to wait a moment, thinking that she just can't control herself that well. She begins to slap herself once more telling herself to stop crying right away. That she doesn't want to be a burden to him and doesn't want him to hate her any more than she does. She doesn't want him to think she's delusional. As she goes to hit herself once more Kyo grabs her wrist to stop her.

She looks up at him as he takes her hand and Kyo kneels before her telling her that her was only thinking of himself and his feelings, saying what he wanted and ignoring her own feelings. He tells her he should've known that it could happen that he wouldn't be able to see her again or to appologise, and for him to repeat the same mistakes over again without even thinking.
He appologises for making her cry and for hurting her so much. He tells her this is the final time because he just needs one more chance with her. He tells her he wants to be with her from now on and living with her because he hates not being with her.
He tells her its because he loves her and Tohru asks if it's really ok for her to be beside him. Kyo replies telling her it's ok for them to be hand in hand and points out that they're already holding hands.

By the time he's done Tohru is crying once more, though this time from happiness it seems. Leaning forward Kyo wipes her eyes and she thinks how although so many words have already been said, it's like a dream as she thinks this he tips her head up and finally goes in for a kiss.
As he pulls back slightly he tells her that it's their second time and Tohru spazzes. She asks him when but he tells her to remember it herself or it'll be sad.

Pulling her to her feet he continues to speak, asking her if he could hug her though his human body won't last long. He tells her that his unnatural body might cause her pain sometimes too if they're together but Tohru asks him if he didn't know that she loves him very much. She loves him so much that it can't be beaten.
Kyo relaxes and says that it also means he can't be beaten either. As long as she's with him he'll be fine and have nothing to fear.

As he smiles he pulls her forward into a hug. As he wraps his arms around her for a few seconds, preparing to change, both are shocked to discover he doesn't!
Kyo has finally been freed from the curse!

As both look shocked, we see that familiar light in the darkness and cut to Akito for the last page, looking out into the garden already sensing Kyo is free, above her the simple word goodbye.

Banner: When one who was never loved is loved, that promise made long ago nears the end.

Next chapter out on the 20th of July in issue 16 of Hana to Yume.

My Thoughs:
What can I say about this chapter? At bloody last! Finally Kyo tells Tohru his true feelings and is freed from the curse.

This is by far one of the best chapters so far. Though I did think Tohru spazzing after the kiss ruined it somewhat.
I had been looking forward to a bit of Yuki/Machi in this chapter too, though it seemed to be filled with a lot of running around in the first part.
I really hope Takaya hasn't made a mistake here. If she does plan to keep to her 130 chapter plan then I hope she won't rush it and cram as much as she can in. She could've definitely at least started the Yuki/Machi part in this chapter if she wanted to.
I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter, I'm hoping she'll take advantage of the extra space left for the volume and use it to make 130 longer. To think she has to deal with the banquet, Kyo being freed, Machi and Yuki and the conclusion bit to sum it all up I'm starting to think she might miss some stuff out if she doesn't make it longer.

Scans can be found as normal here: {Email me for the password}
And I'll see you for the last chapter!

Bishounen of the Month!

This months Bishie; Ashura! Beware the Spoilers!

Though Ashura is sexless he/it is shown as being male mostly and so makes it to this months Bishie.

Ashura is the child of the previous King Ashura. The King had been forbidden to have any children due to the fortelling of the Ashura clan destroying the world but went against this in order to try and save his blood line and so Ashura was born. As punishment for defying the prophesy and trying to change fate young Ashura was born sexless so there would never been anymore children among the clan after him/it.
This doesn't stop the prophesy however and young Ashura's evil side, his true side, is awoken once the seven stars have been slain. Thanks to Yasha however, the black side of Ashura is stopped before he can destroy the world and the young boy falls into a deep sleep with Yasha watching over him until he wakes up as his "normal" self in the end.