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Monday, October 31, 2005

A note on Fruits Basket Plagerism

While checking on Fruity Groups someone accused me of copying someone else's Fruits Basket summary. I can assure 100% this is not true. I do collect my information from other sources, I have to otherwise how can I put up a summary. However everything I write is in my own words. I don't have to put these summaries up, I only do it because I know there are other people out there like me who really want to catch up on the latest fruits basket chapters. Anyway the point is that I am is that everything is in my own words and though I do look to other sources of information I spend hours writing up a summary trying to piece it together for you guys. I know there are those of you out there who do appreciate my hard work, and I do thank you for your support. These accusations have left a foul taste in my mouth and have basically upset me on halloween. In any case I will still continue on with my summaries.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fruits Basket Chapter 117

Well Akito is all over this chapter, not much I can about that her being my least favorite character, but what can I say. So let's talk about Akito, in this chapter she is basically contemplating her life thus far and mostly is thinking about her mother and father. Akito thinks about her mother who never gave her a kind or loving look always giving her a cold and cruel look. Akito remembers back to a time when she thought she was the one that her father had loved the most. Akito remembers back to the time of her father Akira's death and that her mother Ren came rushing in demanding to know why she had not been called when Akira was dying, to which the maids respond there was not enough time to call her. Ren laments the fact that her beloved husband had to die alone, the maids tell her that Akira did not die alone that Akito was by his side. Ren says that thing(Akito) was nothing more then a toy for Akira so that he could pass his time, she is nothing more, and nothing less, and now with Akira gone she was not needed nor wanted. Akito the tells Ren that she is special and that everyone had been waiting for her and that Akira had told her so, she then goes on to say that Ren is the one who is not wanted. Ren getting angry calls the bond that she shares with the zidiac twelve as nothing more then a dream, a bond that would not last long and in the end Akito would be alone realizing that no one was waiting for her. Kureno enters the room breaking Akito's thoughts, before he can tell her why he was there Akito mentions of how she was so happy when she met Yuki for the first time, she was happy mainly because it gave her a chance to show the bond to Ren for the first time. Akito the goes on to say that Shigure had been kind to her once just like her father. Akito then begins to wonder when did things get so out of control when did her world fall apart, thinking that perhaps it started with Kureno being released from the curse, saying that she wanted to hang on to him, and that she was afraid of being betrayed. Akito then goes on to remember how when Yuki moved out with Shigure, Ren came over to rub it in her face that now the rat had left her. Akito denies any such thing and insists that the bond could not seperate her from the twelve, and that even after living outside that they would all return to her side. Ren tells her to prove her theory and that if she should lose she would have to bow down in defeat in front of Ren and leave the Sohma's forever. Akito remembers how she believed that it was a bet she would not lose, even when Shigure had Kyo and Tohru live with him Akito still believed that no one could destroy the bond, however Akito realzies that deep down she truly never believed that she could win, she was mearly living on a prayer so to speak, one she would speak everyday as if she would lose her life if she did not. Akito goes on thinking that it's no use that in the end everyone leaves her. Just then Ren comes into the room with a knife demanding Akira's box from Akito saying that it belongs to her because everything of Akito's is hers. Akito remembers how much she never wanted to lose to Ren, and throws Ren the box, feeling that if she wants it that much she can have it. Akito remebers her father saying that even though he was leaving he would always be with her. It shows Akira saying that he wanted Ren to be most happy about Akito, he then he says that he is just a dying man leaving his child but with Akito being so special it was proof that he and Ren were special as well, his dying words saying that "we did not make up Ren." Ren opens the box and Akito remebers the day she recieved the box, the maid who handed it to her told her that Ren needed to realize how important Akito was that it was she who was entrusted by Akira to gather the spirits and because he loved her the most and if she held the box Akira would be hers alone and that he would always be by her side like he promised. Akito then asks the maid what's inside the box to which she responds that it's Akira's soul. Meanwhile Ren is extremely shocked to find the box empty, Akito tells her it has always been empty. Meanwhile Akito realizes that in the end she has always been the one left behind, saying that she wanted what was impossible. Oh and Tohru was also in the beginning of that chapter but her appearence was brief in which she wakes up and comments on how she still has not built up any courage.

My Thoughts

Well this was a pretty interesting chapter since we sort of get the workings of Akito's mind. I guess the author is trying to elicit some sympathy from the reader for Akito, I personally feel too little too late if you ask me. Maybe some people out there like Akito but I personally feel that she has damaged too many lives for me to feel any sympathy for her. I guess the good thing though is that it seems that Aktio may be trying to move forward, and not lock herself in the same place anymore(which in theory make for a very happy Shigure). Ren is seriously a warped individual, it shocks me that she could not love Akito since Aktio is also a part of Akira. I am surprised that Ren does not look at Akito as a gift from Akira, perhaps that is what Akira wanted from Ren was for her to find her happiness in Akito. I think it also was a little disappointing to Akito that it was Ren's name that was on Akira's lips as he uttered his dying words. I can see now why Shigure does not like having Akito think of him as a father figure, I thought it strange that he mentioned that a few chapters earlier, now I know why apparently Shigure's kindness reminds her of Akira, perhaps that is why Shigure is so cruel to her now. Also I guess Shigure knew all along that the box was empty, we already know that Kureno knew the contents of the box, Akito's willingness to let go of the box shows that she may be ready to move on, but how she moves on into the future yet remains to be seen. Anyway as for Tohru I assume the courage she is speaking about is the courage to tell Kyo how she feels, well lets hope in the next chapter she finds that courage. Well leave me some comments and let me know what you think.

The Start of Paradise Kiss

Yukari and George

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I have just seen the first episode of Paradise Kiss, and well aside from a few minor complaints I love this show. The opening song Lonely in Gorgeous is awsome, I absolutely love it. Ok my major beef with this anime is the character design for both Arashi and Miwako. In the manga Arashi is 100 times more handsome and sexy, and in the anime he looks like a big goofball. As for Miwako she loses her childlike innocence and looks like more adult like then that innocent little girl that made Arashi look like a cradle robber....lol....you all know what I am talking about if you have read the manga.....lol. Anyway the show is scheduled to go for 12 episodes so I will watch it til the end, I will give you a full review then, but for now overall I am pleased with the show and from the first episode they seem to be following the manga faithfully so what more can I ask for.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Beginning of the End.

Joey Wheeler, Yugi Motou and Seto Kaiba.

Well I thought I would talk a little bit about one of my favorite animes, Yu Gi Oh. I watch the KidsWB version of the show(Yes I am well aware that it is the butchered form of the Yu Gi Oh anime, but then again I am not a purist I do prefer dubbed anime occasionally). Anyway as KidsWB has started the final chapter of the Yu Gi Oh saga I thought I would mention how sad I will be when it goes. I love Yu Gi Oh always have and I will especially miss characters like Kaiba and Yami Bakura. I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic right now, anyway will even though the series has not ended yet in America, so far it's been a great ride and I have enjoyed the adventures of Yugi Motou and his friends. I look forward to the ending of a great series.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo

Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo

Well I thought I would mention this new anime to come out Jigoku Shoujo. I have never read the manga if one even exsists, I am not too sure, in any case the story seems to revolve around a website known as Hell Correspondance. Each episode features different characters with different problems who for some reason or another need to get revenge. Thus one logs onto the Hell Correspondance website at midnight only and submits the name of the person they wish to get revenge on. This leads to the enterance of a young woman named Enma Ai and her group of three companions. Who she is, what she is no one really knows, she is though a supernatural being. Enma Ai and her group send the person who is the revenge target of the week to hell, however the cost of revenge is that the person who requested the revenge will also upon death be sentenced to an afterlife in hell with no chance of ever reaching heaven. A heavy price to pay no matter how much the person deserves to get there dues. In anycase will this was a very good, very creepy anime, clean animation and very nice character designs(sort of reminded me of Paranoia Agent character designs). Overall I would recommend watching the first 2 episodes just to see if you would personally like it. You never know it may creep you out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The end of Honey and Clover

The Honey and Clover Five.

Well as the saying goes all good things must come to an end, and I am extremely sad to see Honey and Clover go. 24 episodes later I am still craving more, Honey and Clover was just one of those diamond in the rough series you rarely see. I can say with a great deal of confidence that this show has replaced Fruits Basket as my all time favorite. The realism of this show often hit close to home and the dialogue of the characters was very inspiring. Watching this show at time could be very difficult because of the realism factor and yet that is what made it so good. As far as the end it ended pretty much the same way as Fruits Basket there was closure but most of the conflicts were not solved. I wish somebody would pick up the manga so that I could read what happens to the characters, but here's wishing. I cannot highly reccomend this series enough, it's great story, great plot line, very well paced and at times very insightful. My favorite line of the whole series was when Yamada realizing nothing would change between her and Mayama says that "why do I keep dreaming without ever getting tired of it", that one scene broke my heart because I knew exactly how she felt, I cried for a long time after that scene because her pain reminded me of my own. I guess watching this show can be very theraputic in some ways...lol. In anycase in closing a part of me is really having a hard time letting this show go and I can only hope that Paradise Kiss which is replacing it can live up to it's predecessor.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Bishonen of the Month

Sesshomaru with a rare smile!

Well as it is the month of October and it being Halloween and all I thought we would have a full fledged demon as our Bishonen of the month, and who better then that noble and aristocratic demon Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru is the elder half brother of his half human, half demon brother Inuyasha. Sesshomaru professes to have a great hate of humans and claims to especially hate his brother. Sesshomaru blames Inuyasha for the death of their father who died protecting the infant Inuyasha. Apparently Sesshomaru hates the fact that his father died before he could persoanlly defeat him. Sesshomaru also hate Inuyasha because their fathe left the powerful sword Tetseiga to Inuyasha, where as Sesshomaru was left with the sword of healing, Tensaiga. Sesshomaru travels with two companions Jaken and Rin. Rin herself is a human child who Sesshomaru saved so I don't think he hates humans all that much. Sesshomaru also has a second sword named Tokijin which was created from the remains of one of Naraku's off spring. In anycase this is my persoanl opinion I get the feeling that Sesshomaru is much stronger then Inuyasha and really both of them can never really kill each other. I believe Sesshomaru and Inuyasha just fight as a male posturing sort of thing. I am quite fond of Sesshomaru and he is my favorite character in Inuyasha, however I don't like him like the three previous bishonen's of the month. Regardless I like Sesshomaru's regal and noble air, I hope he has a great ending when the Inuyasha manga does come to an end.

Death Note Volume 1

Death Note Volume 1

Well I had just had to review this great manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, Death Note is a great fast paced graphic novel straight from Viz's Shounen Jump Advanced line. Death Note tells the story of brilliant high school student Light Yagami. Light finds himself a death notebook dropped by a Shinigami. The notebook has the power to kill anyone when there name is written within it's pages, however you must know the name and face of the person you wish to kill. In anycase Light begins killing off criminals, in fact he kills so many criminals that he draws the attention of not only Japan's police force, but the FBI as well. Also a mysterious detective named L also emerges to capture Light. L seems to posess the same amount of intelligence that Light himself has, and soon after a deadly game of cat and mouse begins between the two characters. I really loved this book, it raises many interesting points like is it truly alright to take a human life even that of a criminal. Another interesting point I found was Light's arrogance in believing that he could use the Death Note to kill off the wicked and create a Utopia under his rule. However the most interesting aspect of this novel I must say is the chemistry between Light and L, each trying to be 10 steps ahead of the other, each trying to outsmart the other, and both being polar opposites of the other, like night and day. The relationship between these two characters alone make the book very entertaining. Usually anything from Viz's Shounen Jump line is not my usual fare, but this is one hell of an interesting story. The art work is great and the storyline engaging. Borrow it or buy it you won't be disappointed.